When investing, your capital is at risk.

The World Health Organisation has stated that depression, in part caused by financial stress, could become the world’s number one disease by 2030. A CapitalOne survey reported that 73% of respondents rank their finances as their most significant source of stress. Today there is an often overlooked disconnect between people’s financial and physical wellbeing. The two rarely meet in the middle, and most people are, whether they realise it or not, hampered by this imbalance. The principle that health and wealth are intrinsically linked led Kash Amini to create Maslife; the world’s first financial and wellbeing app that aims to improve the lives of billions.

Maslife works on the premise that by understanding mindset and cognition, individuals can be coached and supported into making better decisions and forming healthy habits. This next generation app joins the dots between an individual’s state of mind, body and financial situation in one intuitive platform. With the aid of artificial intelligence, the app merges users’ financial goals with their mental and physical wellbeing objectives. Through a clever combination of gamification, nudge theory and A.I., the app taps into users’ behavioural patterns, and then recommends simple changes to help users correct and refine their actions on a day-to-day basis.

Maslife employs personalised budgeting tools, as well as exercise and meditation programmes that are tailored to the users personal goals they set for themselves in-app. Using nudge theory, members are encouraged and rewarded to make changes to their daily habits that will lead them to feel in control for a happier lifestyle. 


Maslife offers an alternative banking platform with virtual, ethical non-PVC, and metal debit cards, enabling users to spend 150+ currencies around the world. Their multi-currency accounts avoid exchange fees when spending via the card in GBP, EUR or USD. In addition to traditional banking solutions, Maslife has applied for a cryptocurrency license with the FCA. This will facilitate the integration of cryptocurrencies, giving users quick and easy access to the most prevalent digital currencies, such as BTC, ETH, XRP, LTC etc. They have built the first phase which will allow members to buy, exchange, hold and spend crypto via the Maslife debit card.

Maslife is also developing high-interest saving accounts as the second phase of their digital currencies offering. The introduction of high-interest savings accounts utilising digital currencies gives users easy access to invest (staking) their crypto, which can yield larger rewards (market rates are typically 5-12% APY rewards currency dependent), making better returns for users. In addition, collateralised loans of digital currencies allow users to hold on to their digital currencies and release the equity from them. Both of these models provide greater flexibility for users, with greater returns, whilst also incurring additional revenue streams for Maslife beyond the traditional subscriptions, currency exchange, and transactional fees.

By utilising the budgeting tools, and setting personal goals in-app, the software begins the process of assisting users with the management of spending, saving, paying off debts, and investing.


To assist users with their wellbeing goals, a personalised artificial intelligence-devised plan is generated, uniquely based on their habitual input.

Users will benefit from a wide range of virtual fitness tools, including various styles of yoga, tailored for all levels, through to a step tracker, calorie counter and distance recorder that is suited to traditional running workouts. This allows users to keep track of their daily fitness routines, while the data is fed back into the system to then generate more personalised advice.

Maslife keeps users mindful and focused with an array of soothing meditation programmes that significantly help to re-energise and refresh the mind. Users are recommended expertly crafted meditation videos that are designed to relieve stress, improve sleep and maintain a positive mindset.

To tie it all together

Users are incentivised with a rewards system that can be redeemed in-app for money credited to their account or used to pay off debt like student loans and credit cards. Alternatively, the funds earned can be donated to Mind wellness charity. Members are awarded points daily, weekly and monthly, for taking action on positive habits that they have chosen to pursue.

All users enjoy access to exclusive discounts from hundreds of renowned retailers, restaurants and services. The top 1,000 users with the largest tally of points are entered into a monthly draw to win luxury prizes valued at £1,000. This includes indulgent spa breaks, retreats and Peloton gym equipment. This gives rise to an environment of healthy competition within the app, and consequently, a vibrant and active community which keeps users engaged and motivated.

Maslife aims to change the lives of millions of people around the world by providing constructive, personalised feedback and assistance with their daily lives to make healthier, wealthier and happier people.

Maslife is raising £1,000,001 to expand their operations, global licensing and marketing to take it to the next level. Join them on their journey.