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Seedrs has funded over 2,100 businesses since launching in 2012. In 2022 alone, the platform helped businesses from 15 different countries raise capital and received investment from investors in over 71 countries globally.

But on 24th October 2023, Seedrs passed another landmark: we became licensed under new EU regulation for equity crowdfunding providers, which means that instead of working with individual European markets on a country by country basis, we have a new unified approach to supporting crowdfunding in Europe.

Enter Transparent™: the first Sweden-based campaign to launch on the Seedrs platform following the EU expansion.

Transparent is a progressive audio brand in the premium market, creating modular speaker and audio products that not only look and sound great, but also stand the test of time. 

With more than 45,000 products sold, and a global fanbase, we sat down with the Founder & CEO, Martin Willers, to learn more about their crowdfunding campaign.

We are so excited to be supporting your fundraising campaign. What made you choose equity crowdfunding at this time to raise investment for your business?

Choosing Seedrs was like choosing the right partner for our next big leap. It’s about more than just funding—it’s about inviting our community to take a real stake in our vision of the future. Seedrs’ new EU license opens up a whole new chapter for us, connecting with supporters across Europe who believe in our mission. 

You are aiming to innovate the audio market through premium, modern technology. Could you talk us through a couple of your favourite products, and how you think they can disrupt the audio market?

Our Transparent Turntable is the latest example where our vision comes alive. It’s a throwback that speaks to the vinyl revival but with a modern twist—wireless, sleek, and designed to last. We’re creating a refined product that’s meant to be part of your life for years to come. We’re setting the stage for an expanding audio experience universe that’s as much about lasting quality as it is about stunning design. 

Transparent received angel investment in 2019. Can you describe how you used that funding, and how you’ve grown as a business since then?

Selling our design studio People People and going all-in on Transparent was a leap of faith, but the angel investment in 2019 was the fuel we needed. It allowed us to complete our founding team with Magnus and his sales expertise. With him onboard our revenue skyrocketed from €0.7m to €4m in 3 years. These numbers aren’t just milestones; they’re markers of a vision that’s becoming a reality, driven by a team that’s as passionate about our products as our customers are.

The market that you are in could be seen as niche, but your pitch mentions that the global premium home audio market is worth $25bn USD – and growing. Who are your competitors and what, in your opinion, gives Transparent the edge?

People are done with tech that’s outdated by next year’s model. They want something that lasts, like a good piece of furniture that gets better with age. That’s where we come in. We’re not just in the business of sound; we’re in the business of design audio—audio products that also work as a piece of iconic art in your living room. We aim to lead this ‘design audio segment’ and make Danish and French peers look twice. Transparent stands out with our updated Nordic take on design—where simplicity meets enduring quality materials. We make products that people want to keep, not replace. And our modular design approach makes our products forever upgradable. Our community’s growth is the real proof—we’re not just cutting through the noise; we’re setting a new standard.

Talk us through your team: what experience do you have to make this business a success, and what key hires are you looking to make in the future?

We are a team of passionate craftsmen trying to deliver design perfection we can be proud off. Per’s design leadership has been crucial in crafting our aesthetic and functional brand, while Magnus’s background in fashion and his strategic sales approaches have significantly broadened our market presence and got us into some of the worlds most guarded retail doors. I focus on people, planet and profit to make sure all three are valued. As we grow, we’re looking to add like-minded who share our drive for design quality. Specifically, we are currently looking to hire for global operations and digital marketing.

Thank you for taking the time to talk through your upcoming campaign with us, Martin!

Transparent is raising now on Seedrs, seeking further investment for their timeless modular audio products with crystal clear sound.

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