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There’s only one thing preventing sexual health from being as commonplace as general health, and that’s stigma. 

Today’s customers are more empowered than ever (depending on their geography) to acknowledge, talk about and seek help for their sexual health. However, unlike what most of us were taught, sexual health is more than contraception – it’s also libido, sexual stimulation and sexual psychology as well as the many physical and mental conditions and experiences that may impact these.

In the spirit of removing science, sexual pleasure and health from operating in silos, MysteryVibe has created a unique sextech brand that’s helped over 50,000 customers in 65 countries worldwide treat their sexual health – even in the face of traumatic life events. The brand’s 3 FDA-Class II products deliver a friendly product for sexual pleasure, backed by a wealth of exper scientific research, unlike any other brand on the market. And it’s working! The startup recorded over $1 million in direct sales in 2020 alone – up 250% from the year before – and has been granted over 20 international awards to date. 

What kind of traumatic life events are we talking about? There are a lot of things such as childbirth, surgery, sexual trauma (the list goes on) that can affect the natural anatomy of our bodies, our mental health, and in turn, our sexual health. Unlike your average vibrator brand, MysteryVibe operates at the forefront of research and engineering expertise to create devices that not only support sexual pleasure, but address a host of major underlying sexual health issues that may be compromising it. If you take a look at the data even just for one gender, the market size is astounding. According to the Sexual Advice Association, 33% of young and middle-aged women and 50% of older women suffer from ‘sexual problems’ in some shape or form, such as decreased libido, pain, dryness, vaginismus, pain during intercourse and more. MysteryVibe is designing science-backed, stigma-free solutions for billions of people worldwide, of every gender.

However, it’s not just MysteryVibe’s devices that are tackling sexual health head-on; they’re also building a health ecosystem through content and engagement initiatives to get people talking openly about sex. The brand works with experts to create easily accessible content that deals with some of the tough, but common surrounding sex. In an effort to catalyse informed, empowered conversation, MysteryVibe partnered with Google to create a free sex education skillset called ‘Pleasure Finder’ on Google Assistant which is now available to over 1 billion devices worldwide. They were actually the very first startup to partner with Google Home, and get free sex education into 50 million homes around the world. 

The next 24 months will be busy for the MysteryVibe team, with the scheduled rollout of 4 new devices aiming to tackle issues such as vulvodynia and vaginismus. The funds raised through this crowdfunding round (which is already over 115% funded) will serve to supercharge marketing initiatives, grow the team and carry out further R&D. 

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