When investing, your capital is at risk. 

The profile of today’s beverage consumer has changed a lot in the last decade, and much of that evolution is due to the fact that sugar is falling fast out of fashion.

If you look at the data between 2015 and 2018, the daily volume of sugars sold per capita in the UK alone has declined by an astounding 30% as consumers trade out the traditional products packed with sugar, for natural ones. The global carbonated soft drinks market is on target to reach $320.1 billion by 2028, and experts predict that much of that growth will be driven by beverage innovators that can provide flavour and style in a bottle, without the price tag of high sugar content. Combine that with a growing trend for non-alcoholic alternatives, and the market is ripe for disruption by companies like Nix & Kix.

Soft drinks brand Nix & Kix was founded by Kerstin Robinson and Julia Kessler with one vision in mind – to create flavourful, 100% natural carbonated beverages, without any of the nasty additives you’re guaranteed to find lurking in your average store-bought soft drink. The project began with a whole lot of experimentation in the kitchen, to design recipes that despite being low in calories, boasted delicious and distinctive taste profiles. The secret? Just a touch of cayenne – to give each drink a ‘zing’ you can’t get anywhere else, and remove the need for sweeteners (artificial or otherwise). Fast forward to today, and the brand has secured listings in over 3,000 shops, restaurants, bars and offices with more than 7,500+ distribution points including Tesco, Waitrose, Sainsbury’s, Nando’s, BP, Morrisons, Holland & Barrett. They’re also on schedule to launch in WHSmith and Co-op supermarkets in May and summer of 2021 respectively.

Every year, Nix & Kix captures more market share within the highly competitive soft drinks market. The brand recently secured a listing with the most prolific distributor for restaurants, pubs and bars in the UK, Matthew Clark. Adding more distribution points to its roster every year, the brand has become somewhat of a craft drinks sensation, with over 5 million products sold to date, and a growing number of awards to its name. International expansion is also on the horizon, with Nix & Kix products soon to launch in the US through a Coca-Cola-backed distribution network. Additionally, their range of flavours will soon hit the shelves of even more countries across the European area, where the brand has already seen growth despite minimal investment.

From the very beginning, Nix & Kix’s founders recognised the importance of balancing profit and purpose. With the wellbeing of the planet in mind, all their drinks come in glass bottles and aluminium cans only, that are completely BPA-free with no plastic lining, and fully recyclable. With a portion of the proceeds of this round raised on Seedrs, the startup intends to continue its application for B Corp status, certifying its commitment to cross-functional sustainability. 

Nix & Kix has now raised over £817,000 from more than 350 investors to continue to build out the soft drinks proposition, grow the team and scale operations internationally. 

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