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While plastic production has been steadily increasing over the last century, it is a shocking fact that half of the plastics ever manufactured have been produced in the past 15 years. Our oceans in particular are bearing the brunt of this excessive plastic consumption, with most of the plastic waste in our oceans flowing from land – carried to sea by rivers. David Attenborough shone a light on plastic pollution in his iconic Blue Planet documentary that opened people’s eyes to the devastating effects plastic is having on our oceans and their wildlife.

According to The Globalist, the average North American and Western European person consumes 100kg (220 pounds) of plastic per year, predominantly through packaging. 8 million metric tonnes of plastic reach the oceans every year, leading to predictions that by 2050 there will be more plastic than fish in the sea.

Once plastic reaches the ocean, sun exposure and wave action break it down into smaller and smaller pieces, becoming microplastics, and eventually entering the food chain – through sources like fish and seafood or even drinking water. Meanwhile, millions of animals, from birds and fish to other marine life, are killed by ocean plastic every year.

But, it is not too late to do our bit for the planet, which is what OceanSaver® is committed to doing. The brand is on a mission to get everyone to remove single-use plastic from their cleaning routine and play their part in saving our oceans for future generations. OceanSaver has already prevented 1,000,000 plastic bottles from reaching our oceans, and it’s determined to prevent many millions more.

According to OceanSaver, the UK’s 25 million households use 650 million plastic spray bottles a year, equivalent to 30,000 tonnes of plastic. To address this tidal wave of plastic waste, OceanSaver has taken a stand, by making really effective, plastic-free, plant-based home cleaning solutions, with all the power and none of the pollution.

Their concentrated EcoDrop® refills transform when added to water, creating safe and powerful products. Simply drop, shake and clean.

Typically, when people finish a cleaning product bottle, they throw it away. OceanSaver encourages re-use of that plastic bottle over and over again. Not only does it reduce plastic waste, but it also reduces carbon footprint. Unlike conventional cleaning products, OceanSaver doesn’t ship water – you add it at home – which is why just one truck of EcoDrop refills is the equivalent to twelve trucks of regular cleaner.

OceanSaver sells at an accessible price point of £1.50 for 750ml of cleaning solution, beating most leading competitors. This has helped them gain over 30,000 new customers on their website in the last 18 months alone and become the only plastic-free cleaning brand stocked at Tesco. Other notable listings include Amazon, Ocado, Dunelm and Abel & Cole as well as the top 50 UK eco e-tailers.

With a raving, loyal customer base – 85% of reviews are 5 stars – press accolades in Metro, The Independent, The Daily Mail, Town & Country House, The Grocer and a Good Housekeeping seal of approval in 2020, it’s time for OceanSaver to take its proposition to the next level. The brand is currently raising £1 million on Seedrs to scale their business. They plan to use the funds to step up their marketing efforts, create more innovative and sustainable products and optimise their supply chain.

Learn more about the OceanSaver campaign, and join the cleaning revolution, by visiting the pitch.