When investing, your capital is at risk. 


It is predicted that by 2025, the global gaming industry will be worth $256.97bn. What started off as a game machine at the New York World’s Fair in 1940, could not have predicted the rapid growth and engaged international community that exists today – the eSports space alone has an audience of approximately 456 million people. 

However, things were very different back in the last century, let alone just ten years ago. Gamers consume marketing content in a very different way now. Like a lot of other industries, advertising is constantly evolving and traditional means no longer cut it.  

Today, gamers are influenced by each other. Successful content creators such as MrBeast Gaming and TG Plays, with a combined YouTube subscriber count of over 25 million, are just some of the names influencing the way gamers play and what they play. In 2020, YouTube reported over 100 billion hours of gaming video content was watched, 10 billion being live gaming streams.

Creators are becoming celebrity personalities, with 70% of teenage YouTube subscribers saying they relate to YouTube creators more than traditional celebrities; their influence and its impact on the gaming industry is undeniable. Gamer audiences sign up to influencer subscription offers through platforms such as Patreon, committing to a small monthly fee. Through a private membership, these influencers create custom content for games, provide complex game hacks, and connect with their audience on a personal level. 

The market demographic is shifting too. As the global inequality wealth divide decreases, more people are getting access to smartphones and gadgets, which means there is a whole new group of people to tap into as consumers. These are avenues that incumbents may not be best equipped to navigate. 

Fortunately, QLASH is making sure their partners are not missing out on having a piece of the pie. QLASH is bridging the gap between traditional brands and the younger generation through its eSports and gaming community. Founded in 2017, the Swiss-based company is achieving this through interactive events, educational gaming tools, entertaining content and adopting influencer marketing. 

In just four short years, QLASH has grown a community of over 8.14 million people across their various media channels including Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and Facebook. They have partnered with successful brands such as Sky, Redbull and Viber; their most recent and biggest partnership being with AC Milan to create Milan QLASH. On their board of advisers and investors sits Michael Hazel, former CEO of Pokerstars, Phil Hellmuth and Daniel Negreanu, the two most famous poker players in the world. 

You can see how companies could benefit from QLASH. Amazon has had several failed attempts at launching a video game due to what is described as a ‘corporate culture, not conducive to gaming’. QLASH not only has the expertise and creativity that some corporations lack, but they already have an active user base (20,000 active monthly users) which their partners can benefit from. Backing this is AC Milan’s Chief Revenue Officer, Casper Stylsvig, saying “We’re happy to announce this brand-new partnership with QLASH. This agreement is another important step in our Club’s modernisation and innovation path.”

QLASH is currently crowdfunding on Seedrs to develop the next big step for the company, the QLASH Community App. Introducing this offer into their business model will broaden their revenue streams as they begin to venture into subscriptions, advertising and in-app merchandise purchasing.

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