When investing, your capital is at risk.

The Baby Goat was created by Thomas van Doorn and Chris Newman in Hamburg in 2019 with the vision of delivering fresh, tasty beer to customers in a modern pub environment. Thomas and Chris studied as brewers, and spent 2 years in their garage developing recipes. In 2020, they opened The Baby Goat House; a small, cosy Pie & Ale Pub in the student area of the city.  Despite the pandemic, that pub has become a fixture in the community, and has served as a great proof of concept – pubs as an offering beyond the regular German ‘Kneipe’ (German bar), with real passion for the central product, beer. In Spring 2022, a second, much larger pub, The Baby Goat Barn, a craft beer and craft pizza concept, located in one of the busiest areas of the city,  St. Pauli was opened. The  5-year plan is to open at least one new pub a year, first in Germany and then wider in Northern Europe.

The Baby Goat concept is centred around the tapping of their beer in their own-branded, modern pubs. The mission as a brand is to bring people together through great beer and that is most effectively done by providing a great environment in which customers drink great craft  beer. It is also, for the beer producer, the highest-margin means of selling their beer. That said, The Baby Goat also works with local gastronomy and distribution, areas which all benefit from great beer as a means of enhancing the customer experience. The team are now focusing time and resource in growing their distribution reach, including with supermarket & retail, in order to build on the foundation of awareness achieved through their physical presence.

“The Baby Goat’s interpretation of ‘modern pubs’ focuses on delivering great beer, great service, and a wide range of community-engaging events.”

Craft beer sales have grown steadily in the past decade and are projected to double through to  2028. Today, 36% of beer drinkers have tried craft beer, and 72% of those drinkers will consume craft beer more than once a month. The fastest uptake in craft beer is in the 25-34 age group, a key target group for the brand. The sector worldwide is expected to rise from a market value of $95.23 billion in 2020 to $210.78 billion in 2028. The Baby Goat is poised to take advantage of this growth.

What is the investment opportunity with The Baby Goat?

The Baby Goat is scaling their operations as the industry continues to grow at an all-time high. Following the success of their first Hamburg pub, they are currently raising €150,028 on our platform, firstly to finalise the renovation and modernisation of the second pub; a project which is already open and being developed to bring their community together in new ways. A second area to be supported by the raise is their distribution and marketing, where there is great opportunity to grow the brand’s reach, first locally, then regionally in north Germany.

By investing in their campaign, The Baby Goat is offering its ‘GOATs’  and you the opportunity to be a part of an exciting journey in the world of beer and pubs. Visit their campaign here to learn more.