A parcel delivery booking platform for SMEs

When investing, your capital is at risk.

The pandemic has changed the way we shop, for good. 

The surge in online shopping brought on by Coronavirus restrictions is expected to add £5.3 billion to ecommerce sales this year, contributing to a total of £78.9 billion – the largest it’s been in UK history.

Making the switch to an online delivery model proved a crucial survival tactic for small businesses across the UK, but it will also define their ability to compete post-pandemic, when consumer demand for convenience inevitably remains. 

This transition to high-volume e-commerce has not been seamless, particularly for SMEs. On average, 5% of all UK deliveries don’t go as planned, equating to over 50 million disappointing customer experiences. That’s 50 million frustrated phone calls made by customers to retailers when something went wrong in the delivery process.

Recognising surging demand for a solution, trükl is developing a full-suite, tech-enabled parcel delivery management system that allows retailers to deal with those 50 million customer complaints before they occur in the first place. The trükl system is designed to eliminate the hassle from bulk booking, bulk tracking and bulk managing shipments. Not only can retailers optimise their workflows and operational processes, they can monitor the delivery process in real time to generate the best possible outcome for their customers. trükl will alert a retailer when something isn’t going as planned, giving them the time to work on a solution and rectify the situation before a customer knows anything has gone wrong. trükl has successfully monitored the delivery of over 4,500 shipments since August. With 85,000 new online businesses created in the UK in the first four months of the lockdown alone, trükl’s target market is proven, and growing quickly.

It’s been a very strong year for the tech startup, which has celebrated a number of growth milestones including the recent backing of the former CEO of Holland & Barrett and Nectar. In April 2020, trükl secured pre-seed capital from a local angel investor, allowing for the development and launch of their MVP. From October through December of last year, trükl onboarded an additional 10 customers, and supercharged platform revenue and gross merchandise value growth by 1,300%*. By December, the startup was processing up to 300 orders a day, contributing up to £1,800 in daily revenue.

Staying true to its customer-focused mission, trükl has saved its retailers up to 23% in delivery costs while enabling them to meet the quality standards expected by online shoppers. That way, even in the face of a global crisis, with the parcel delivery industry set to rise by over 50% to £21 billion in 2024, no parcel goes unaccounted for.

trükl has already raised over £170,000 to continue bringing its vision for seamless parcel delivery to life. The proceeds from this crowdfunding round will be dedicated to two key areas: accelerating the development of the platform from a tech perspective (including new features and key integrations with e-commerce platforms), and adding to its growing community of retailers.

To support their mission alongside more than 140 other investors, visit the pitch now.

*Based on unaudited management accounts.