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The UK plans to ban sales of diesel and petrol cars from 2030, alongside a suite of countries around the world with similar visions for a net zero future. 

Not only is this an important move for the sustainability of automotive transport and atmospheric health, it leaves a huge amount of space for innovation in the e-mobility space. More and more consumers are choosing to rent cars rather than buy them, and opting for electric over fuel. This behaviour has enabled international car rental startup UFODRIVE to take a leading position in the market, its services spanning 17 locations across 8 countries in under two years. 

UFODRIVE’s USP is rooted in its 100% electric, 100% digital fleet that has drastically changed the consumer rental experience for a number of reasons. Firstly, commuters can forget the long queues and paperwork associated with traditional renting. Instead, they get access to premium electric cars, in prime locations, with a simple and transparent app-based rental process that cuts all the unnecessary legwork out of transportation. Secondly, the service isn’t limited to individual drivers. Everything that’s available to a regular customer is also available as a SaaS for Fleet users. UFODRIVE’s EV Mobility Platform introduces thousands of drivers to the benefits of EV driving.

When it comes to the SaaS element, UFODRIVE has ironed out many of the kinks previously associated with electric fleets. Their network of 140,000 connected chargers and in-app alerting system that provides drivers with in-journey prompts on when, where and how to charge eliminate all the primary concerns surrounding the efficacy of electric vehicles at industrial scale. Their robust e-mobility platform aims to unlock 5x industry margins for fleet operations, while enabling fleet operators to switch to and scale an EV fleet quickly and seamlessly. Their first customers are already live, with even more in the immediate pipeline.

From an environmental perspective, the benefits of UFODRIVE’s fully electric mobility solutions, at individual and fleet level, are incontrovertible. According to internal estimates, the startup has already saved over one million kilograms of Co2, helping the countries it operates in contribute to sustainability goals and climate change action targets, and eliminating the particle pollution associated with combustion engines. 

From a mobility perspective, UFODRIVE’s users have gone further, faster – saving time, hassle and admin while travelling over 10 million kilometres completely emissions-free. Their model is customer-centric at its core, which has helped the business achieve the highest net promoter score in car rental, globally. Their commitment to building a dynamic and community-driven growth engine, powered by membership scheme, loyalty and referral bonuses, and climate rewards scheme positions the business well to continue growth in the way of customer acquisition.

With almost £1.4 million raised so far, over 400 Seedrs investors have joined UFODRIVE to help fuel a move to a better solution for customers and the planet. With sights on at least 6 new locations in 2021, including two new UK locations, UFODRIVE has global ambitions, powerful technology and a vision for sustainable, hassle-free mobility.

To find out more about UFODRIVE, visit the campaign now.