We’re pleased to have an industry leading funding success rate. But when you’re choosing the right equity investment platform to raise capital for your business, it’s important to examine the broader value the platform offers to entrepreneurs:

Great sector coverage attracts great investors

Many professional investors look to build a diversified portfolio, so they regularly evaluate opportunities on the investment platforms that provide greater sector coverage. Seedrs is one of the most respected investment platforms in Europe, covering 17 sectors – with no single sector accounting for more than 11% of the 640 deals we’ve funded.

The diverse investment opportunities we offer attracts a wide and vast community of savvy investors. That’s one of the key factors driving our industry-leading 74% funding success rate. That’s a 45% higher chance of funding on Seedrs than our nearest competitor.

A diverse range of investors

Chances are, if you’re looking to raise on an equity investment platform like Seedrs, you already know crowdfunding engages with and builds a loyal community of both existing and new customers. Who may become brand evangelists. Businesses raising on Seedrs benefit from a wide range of investors. From everyday investors to professional and institutional investors, all actively looking for high-quality investment opportunities.

However, Seedrs offers even more than this, with our dedicated Investment Partner Programme. Which means your raise could potentially attract investment from venture funds, family offices, private banks and angel investor groups. That’s access to our exclusive partner network of 50,000+ investors during your raise.

From Seed to IPO

For most early-stage growth-focused businesses, raising funds is a continuous cycle. That’s why it’s important to select a funding partner that can support you throughout that journey of fundraising stages.

Unlike simple transactional platforms, Seedrs is a lifecycle platform. We’ve funded everything from £50,000 seed stage rounds right through to a London Stock Exchange IPO  that raised millions. And everything in between.

Structuring for success

It’s important to build the right foundations when it comes to your shareholding structure. As you go on to raise further rounds with larger amounts, the more consolidated your shareholdings and the cleaner your cap table, the less challenges you’re likely to receive from institutional investors.

The Seedrs Advantage Nominee consolidates shareholdings and their rights from the very first round made on Seedrs, giving entrepreneurs the structure to help grow their business.

Compare this to a standard nominee service; in the vast majority of cases you’d have to engage with all of the underlying investors individually when you needed crucial consents, such as for conducting follow-on rounds. Will your next round give you the Advantage?

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