For everyone around the world right now, the end of this quarter has brought unprecedented  challenges that will affect every type of business. However, it has been encouraging to witness how quickly the early-stage business community has rallied together to support the ecosystem. From investors jumping to the aid of portfolio businesses, to healthtech startups supporting the NHS in diagnosing the virus and producing the right equipment; this is a time of collaboration and compassion for our fellow investors and entrepreneurs.

To centralise some of the insightful information being shared, the Seedrs Institutional Investor team has compiled a list below of the top resources published by VCs detailing the best advice for how startups can cope during these trying times. We will update the list on a regular basis, but please feel free to share with portfolio businesses, friends and family running their own startups, and anyone else in need of some guidance right now.  

VC Resource Library:

SourceCollateral / Link
ACT Venture PartnersVC Industry: Searching for a new purpose
Aster CapitalFundraising in Crisis time
BtoVHow startups can help in times of social distancing
Chausson FinanceCOVID-19 VC Barometer: Is this a good time to raise money?
Cipio PartnersWhy COVID-19 will not wreck but strengthen the European tech investment scene
Connect VenturesRemote pitching guide
Cowboy VCExtending runway in uncertain times
CreandumCan I fundraise in COVID times? – The “New” Fundraising Matrix
Fuel VenturesInvesting in startups during COVID-19
Hoxton VenturesEurope’s VC Industry Faces a COVID Cash Crunch In 2020
Hyde Park Venture PartnersWhere did all the VCs go?
Hyde Park Venture PartnersWhat new normal?
Index VenturesThe New Fundraising Landscape
January VenturesPre-Seed and Seed trends 3 months post-lockdown
January VenturesHow to cold pitch a VC in the time of COVID-19
January VenturesTop tips for pitching virtually
Jane Ventures / Unshackled VenturesNavigating a Pre-Seed through difficult terrain
Lightspeed VenturesAre VCs really open for business?
LionBirdVC in the time of Corona
LocalGlobeSaul Klein: “There will be a lot of investment activity in the coming months”
LocalGlobe & LatitudeAn aggregation of all the best remote working practices
Northzone, Hoxton Ventures, Holtzbrinck VenturesStartup funding right now: what’s really going on?
Omers VenturesWe asked over 150 VCs if they are doing remote deals. Here’s what they said.
Outward VCHow to be agile in this time
Pillar VCHow to approach strategy planning when the sky is falling
Playfair CapitalInformation around its mandatory remote working policy
Plexo CapitalWhat GP’s need to know about the economic impact of Covid-19
PretiosumThe most important metric for early-stage startups during a recession
Rooks Nest VenturesVC Funding after Lockdown
Sapphire VCAn LP’s perspective
SeedcampHow we invested in three new pre-seed companies we only ever met remotely
SeedcampThe Do’s & Don’ts of Marketing in a Global Crisis
Semantic VCCovid-19 Euro Investors Pulse Survey
Sequoia CapitalAdvice around business continuity planning
Sequoia CapitalCovid-19 Runway Matrix
Soma CapitalProduct, Team Building, and Fundraising Playbook for the Post COVID World
SuperSeedAdvice to founders currently raising funds
Stride VCVC terms – Return of the Barbarians
Stride VCA view of the pandemic from a fund standpoint
Target GlobalBack to Basics: Why VC needs to change
ZV VenturesGuide to onboarding new hires in this period

Additionally, a group of very helpful founders has compiled THIS list to get a better sense of the market and update the status of various European Investors. Please do add your fund and details if appropriate, and of course share with your own networks.  Please note that Seedrs does not provide investment, financial, or tax advice, and nothing in this blog post or in the linked resources should be construed as such.

As the COVID-19 situation continues to unfold, Seedrs is operating business as usual. Our staff are working from home, and we are fortunate that, as an online business, we are able to do so with very minimal disruption to our operations. In order to support both our own portfolio businesses, as well as the wider startup community, Seedrs has implemented a number of initiatives to support companies with their fundraising needs through this time, including but not limited to:

  • Fast-tracked fundraising campaigns
  • Convertible equity campaigns (ASAs)
  • Assistance with government support programmes

If you would like to hear more about these initiatives or refer one of your own portfolio businesses for one of these, or if you are an institutional investor that would like us to include any of your own resources, do let us know by dropping us a line on: [email protected]

In the meantime we wish you the very best for health and wellbeing during this challenging period.