We’re excited to announce the upcoming re-launch of our Alumni Club portal. With tech giants like Google, Amazon and Stripe already signed up as official partners, the Seedrs Alumni Club serves Seedrs-funded businesses through a dedicated community featuring valuable tools, bespoke resources, curated events, incredible discounts and an online community portal, all in one place.

As part of the re-launch this summer, Seedrs will be also be announcing a host of new strategic partnerships, which will provide exclusive offers and services no other platform will offer.

Seedrs has played a pivotal role in supporting the fundraising aims of businesses since 2012 and has funded over 500 deals to date with more than £220 million invested into campaigns on the platform. However, unlike other crowdfunders, our support doesn’t stop at funding. At Seedrs, success isn’t just about getting startups funded. It’s also about accelerating and driving growth so that founders can build sustainable and scalable businesses that provide value to customers, and ultimately, their investors.

Game-changing partners

The Seedrs Alumni Club already includes over 40 best-in-class official partners, that include tech giants like Google, Amazon and Stripe. We’re planning to re-launch the Club soon with a host of new, carefully curated strategic partnerships, which will provide exclusive offers and services no other platform will offer.

Shameel Khan, Portfolio Manager at Seedrs, says: “We’ve been working on developing an amazing post-raise experience for our impressive alumni companies and we’re excited to launch the new portal this summer. We have a host of world-class partners already signed up, but there are some incredibly exciting names to announce in the coming weeks that will really raise the bar. The long-term success of our portfolio businesses is instrumental to Seedrs own success, which is why we take our alumni club so seriously.”

These impressive partners provide exclusive offers and packages of services to help support the growth and efficiency of Seedrs-funded companies across all areas of their business, including:

  • HR and recruitment
  • Finance and accounting
  • Marketing and PR
  • Office space
  • Legal
  • Strategy
  • Product and technology

This diverse and varied selection of partners means that the Seedrs portfolio of funded companies will have support for all areas of their business. This will give them all the tools that are essential for accelerated growth.

Already accelerating growth

Wriggle, a Seedrs-funded business, has already been benefiting from the Club. Rob Hall, CEO and co-founder at Wriggle, said: “Since raising funds on Seedrs, Wriggle is growing quickly. We are processing an increasing number of payments every month and expect our current figure to be doubled by November. Through the Seedrs Alumni Club we have access to an exclusive offer from Stripe, a global payment processing platform, which will increase our efficiency dramatically.”

Keep up-to-date with new partners and more on the Seedrs Alumni Club.