Republic’s global portfolio of more than 3,000 companies will now have access to Capchase Grow and Capchase Pay.

NEW YORK, Oct. 24, 2023 at 8:00 a.m. ET – Capchase, the revenue acceleration platform for Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) companies, today announced a global partnership with Republic – an ecosystem of Web3 optimized financial services who are building the digital infrastructure required to support a fully democratized future of finance. 

The partnership will enable Republic’s global portfolio of SaaS companies to have access to Capchase’s suite of financing products including their non-dilutive growth capital product, Capchase Grow, and their BNPL offering, Capchase Pay. In addition, through Capchase’s Partner Hub, its clients will have access to Republic’s services comprised of a global equities marketplace (including the UK marketplace, Seedrs) that serves both retail and HNW customers, a digital merchant bank that is the market leader in supporting companies to unlock value via tokenization and a capitalization team that provides clients extensive deal flow across multiple business stages, sectors and markets. 

Capchase’s current suite of products will strengthen the growth of Republic’s companies in three main ways: 

  • For Republic’s New Companies: For companies that are actively onboarding with Republic, Capchase can provide a “debt kicker”, providing them with up to 60% of annual recurring revenue within 48 hours. This will enable companies to obtain non-dilutive growth capital as well as community engagement and capital formation through Republic and Seedrs’ various capital formation solutions. 
  • For Republic’s Portfolio Companies: This partnership provides companies that have previously raised capital on the platform (including globally, with Seedrs), with Capchase’s financing tools at a special rate, assisting them with revenue growth without unnecessary dilution.
  • For Republic’s Future Companies: Companies aiming to secure funding and cultivate a community through Republic and Seedrs, yet lacking current eligibility, can collaborate with Capchase to enhance growth and become qualified for a capital raise.

“At Capchase, our mission is to provide startups with the capital and tools they need to thrive financially,” said Miguel Fernandez, co-founder and CEO of Capchase. “Through this partnership with Republic, we are able to support even more SaaS founders as they navigate the fundraising process. Republic helps make community fundraising for founders easy, and this is an optimal time to partner with the company to help startups take their capital growth to the next level.”

As a part of this partnership, Capchase and Republic will also work together in bringing relevant insights around alternative forms of financing to the tech community through a series of educational events. 

“During the current market downturn, Capchase has provided thousands of innovative founders with the funds they need to fuel their growth and deliver on their missions” said Chuck Pettid, Executive Vice President of Republic. “We’re thrilled that this partnership with Capchase will allow the SaaS companies that work with Republic to  access more capital and effectively accelerate their growth.” 

This partnership follows the launch of Capchase Pay, a financing and payment product created to decrease the length of SaaS sales cycles and close deals faster. Capchase has recently partnered with additional key players in the technology ecosystem including AWS, Xero and Stripe, providing access to revenue accelerating tools as the company continues to support founders as the leading growth partner for SaaS. 

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