We’re excited to reveal our latest product for entrepreneurs, Seedrs Academy! At Seedrs, we don’t just help you raise funds, but also aim to support you with every facet of running and growing a business. Whether you’re fleshing out a startup idea and writing a business plan or supercharging your growth ahead of a Series B round, we want to provide you with the tools and resources to support your success.

The Academy aims to do this by providing a platform to explore blogs, guides, templates, tools and other resources created by contributors who are experts in their fields – from growing a team to building products, to marketing your business, and to raising investment.

Seedrs Academy is now easily accessible in the main navigation on seedrs.com, and hosts all of our entrepreneur content: alumni case studies, partner offers for alumni, a marketing toolkit for entrepreneurs currently raising on our platform, and extensive guides written by our partners and in-house experts. 

As a funding platform, we have a huge depth of knowledge into the startup financing world. But as a company with nearly 100 employees spread across four international offices with 200+ partners, we have a vast amount of experience and insight into everything startup-related, whether we draw upon our own learnings as a brand, the entrepreneurial endeavours and experience of Seedrs employees, or the expertise of our trusted partners. 

The Academy will be continuously updated with new guides and support so that you can discover the right content to solve your needs, wherever you are on your journey.