We’re very excited to announce the introduction of variable pricing on the Seedrs Secondary Market. This is a major step in the continued development of our Secondary Market, and it represents an important milestone in our work to be a full-scale marketplace for private investments.

The change will work as follows. Previously, prospective sellers have only been able to list shares on the Seedrs Secondary Market at the set price we determine under our Valuation Policy (which is usually the company’s latest valuation). Buyers in turn have only been able to buy the shares at that price. Starting now, however, we will allow sellers to list their shares at a premium or discount price – up to 30% above or below the marked share price – if they so choose. Buyers will see each share lot and the price at which it is listed, and they can make their investment decision accordingly. 

The change is effective now, so sellers can use this feature when listing shares for the upcoming August market. Just head to the Sell Shares page in the portfolio section of the Seedrs platform and follow the process from there.

The introduction of variable pricing is intended to provide greater liquidity in the market, and therefore allow more investors to trade, where there is currently an imbalance between sell-side and buy-side demand. It will also help investors who, for personal reasons, may want to realise a portion of their holdings even if it means they do so at a discount, and it will help prospective buyers who are so keen to be part of a company’s journey that they are willing to pay a premium.  

In time, we hope to be able to evolve variable pricing further in order to make it even more dynamic. But for now, we hope investors find this new feature useful, and we thank everyone for their continued support and feedback as we continue to grow our Secondary Market offering.