Trading between March and May was amongst our strongest ever

The secondary market recorded £2.1m in transactions between March and May 2021, an average of £692k/mth bringing our total to £12.9m across 35k share lots since launch. 

We averaged 578 buyers per month and 412 sellers who between them sold 195 businesses for an average profit (after fees) of £382k or £920 / seller.

The sharelot sales volume by price tier in May were as follows:

These sharelots for May can be broken out by sector as follows:

The top 15 total value transactions by business as follows:

We’re also bound to track cancellations as this is a driver of buyer frustration, below we can see that the last three months have held steady or decreased by share lots sold. It’s still an area to improve and we have changes in the backlog due in the next few markets.

Next market is shaping up, there is strong supply across the board with £5.3m in value already submitted for sale in 467 businesses (previous month was a record at 485) and 2.6k sellers (previous 3.1k which was another record). Top businesses by submitted value listed for sale are as follows (Note: price change is change in valuation since with Seedrs, not since previous trading cycle).

As usual, not all businesses will be eligible for listing, eligibility checks are carried out the day before market opening.

Seedrs has all forms of secondary offering, however this blog is focused on our marketplace which we run monthly

Seedrs offers all three forms of secondary liquidity:

  1. Marketplace – We have an market where you can buy and sell businesses from other shareholders much like a public exchange (;
  2. Campaigns / Tender-offers – We run ‘tender’ type offers in campaign form to allow individuals or groups of individuals (founders and employees) to sell their shares. We even allow employees to exercise options in a cashless sale process eliminating their need for a bridging loan and we do that via our partnership with Capdesk (;
  3. Offline offers – Lastly, it goes without saying that we support secondary sales in ‘off market’ transactions as businesses sell and exit in the more traditional way. (

Seedrs has facilitated £25m in secondaries through these combined methods. This blog however is not concerned about our secondary campaign offers, nor our off platform exits, this has been exclusively about our monthly marketplace.