Stake is a cutting-edge digital platform for real estate investing based out of Dubai. The Republic team is excited to announce that through this partnership, our community members have gained access to high value real estate opportunities in the Middle East. With over twenty years of experience leading major real estate companies, Stake utilises their expertise and network to find properties with great investment potential for users. 

MENA as an exciting market 🌍

Stake is one of the first steps in Republic’s exciting expansion to MENA.

The Dubai Land Department recorded a substantial $2.7bn in real estate transactions within the week ending February 9th, 2024. Further highlighting the city’s dynamism, Dubai’s real estate market saw an increase in demand for office spaces by 34% and a 44% uptick in buyer leads for office purchases, signaling a strong commercial market and emphasizing Dubai’s position as a business and investment hub. 

In Abu Dhabi, real estate transactions jumped over $1.4bn in just one month, reflecting a buoyant market driven by sales and mortgages. This momentum, documented by the Department of Municipalities and Transport’s DARI platform in January 2024, is supported by a combination of incentives, quality projects, and a conducive environment for local and foreign investors.

And looking further into 2024, the Sharjah Real Estate Registration Department, led by Director Abdulaziz Rashid Al Saleh, is set to further energize the sector after a record-breaking year in 2023. Sharjah’s real estate market achieved unprecedented growth with sales exceeding $7.37bn and a significant surge in foreign investments. This remarkable momentum, driven by a diverse investor base and a 13.1% rise in transaction volume, underlines Sharjah’s appeal as a premier destination for sustainable growth.

Each of the three Emirates contributes uniquely to the UAE’s overall real estate prowess. With Dubai’s global business appeal, Abu Dhabi’s solid investment environment, and Sharjah’s cultural richness, the UAE, as well as MENA more broadly, are poised for continued growth within the real estate sector and as a business hub, offering a wealth of opportunities for investors drawn to its stability, diversity, and they have the potential for a return on their investment.

Stake leadership and experience 💡

Stake’s leadership team consists of three strong individuals with extensive background in the tech, finance, and sales spaces. Rami Tabbara (Co-Founder & Co-CEO) is bringing his previous experience as Senior VP of Sales at DAMAC Properties and VP of Sales at The First Group. Manar Mahmassani (Co-Founder & Co-CEO)’s former experience includes almost ten years as VP of Deutsche Bank, where he was Head of MENA Structuring. Finally, Ricardo Brizido (Co-Founder & CPTO) has over ten years of experience as CTO of companies including Seedrs, which is Republic’s UK division, LIB Group, and Jumia Travel, a travel agency focused on the African continent. 

With 475,000+ registered users from 165+ countries and 200+ nationalities, Stake is growing quickly and has already been featured in Forbes, TIME, and The National, among others. They’ve seen $76M+ in property transactions and $2.9M+ in rental income paid.

Real estate investment potential

As an investor, portfolio diversity is crucial to success. Being able to realize gains on the real estate within a diverse portfolio can be another story. But with Stake, investors have the potential to realize gains through both capital appreciation and passive income from dividends on rentals.

Past performance of a company does not guarantee future results or returns.

A clear example of Stake’s investment and gains potential is their recent sale of their second property. Stake marked a significant achievement with the successful sale of Al Majara, its second property in Dubai. Purchased by a pool of 250+ investors on April 7, 2021 for just under $400,000, the property was sold for almost $600,000, a 51% appreciation rate in just two and a half years. 

Al Majara paid out approximately $52,273 total in dividends, further showcasing that the benefits of such an exit extend beyond property appreciation. This double-win scenario indicates to Republic that the Dubai real estate market is ripe with opportunities, further reflective of the city’s overall development.

Past performance of a company does not guarantee future results or returns.

Stake is making real estate investing accessible, one property at a time. Real estate is a popular asset class, but it’s a difficult one to tap into. It’s inconvenient, inaccessible, and doesn’t allow for much portfolio diversification for investors putting their all into just one property. There’s also a lack of industry transparency that creates a barrier to entrance for many interested investors, and the absence of easy liquidity is also preventative. 

As a global company, Republic strives to offer truly unique cross-border opportunities. We have eyes towards further development and expansion in the Middle East in 2024, and our collaboration with Stake is just one example of our commitment to deeper involvement and strengthening our ties in the region. Stake’s mission is to democratize the real estate market, ensuring it’s not just an elite playground but a field open to all investors while providing timely exit opportunities, which aligns strongly with Republic’s mission of democratising all investment opportunities. We’re excited to see where this partnership takes us and our Republic community.