Today, leading private equity investment platform Seedrs announces a new partnership with CityFALCON, a provider of professional-grade market intelligence, in tandem with launching new sector pages as it continues revolutionising how investors access and engage with the early-stage asset class.

From today, investors searching for private companies to invest in are provided with a slick ‘e-commerce’ experience. In addition to the pitch video, company vision and team information, investors will now be able to browse sector-specific pages, which will also contain trending news articles from over 2000 global publishers powered by CityFALCON. 

Whether it is reading about Revolut’s latest funding round, or about Oppo Ice Cream’s recent deal with the family office behind Capri Sun, investors are now empowered to engage with trends and themes before making investment decisions. 

The concept behind the launch of news pages comes from adding a growing research layer into the investment decision, so investors can look at what sectors are trending, discover the recent developments about startups in that sector, and what other investors are doing to help inform their decision. 

Joel Ippoliti, Chief Product Officer at Seedrs, says: “Our ambition has always been to bring the liquidity and the transparency of the public markets to private equity investment. Today’s partnership with Seedrs alumni company CityFALCON, a provider of professional-grade market intelligence provider to institutions and investors, sees us move a step closer. Our goal is for investors to come to Seedrs and discover new opportunities just as easily as they might on Netflix and conduct a level of pre-purchase research just as conveniently as they might on Amazon. This is just the beginning of our journey beyond crowdfunding.”

Ruzbeh Bacha, CEO and founder of CityFALCON adds: “Having invested in private companies and startups myself, I’ve realised the pain for investors in conducting pre-purchase due diligence and tracking progress post-investment.  We, at CityFALCON, are working to cover all the content that investors need to make informed decisions – news, company filings, sentiment, analytics and alternative data. The current news integration is only a start, and we hope to work with Seedrs to provide as much transparency as possible in the private markets where it is not easy to find timely content.”