We’re excited to announce our latest collaboration with Oval Money that opens up startup investing to fintech users across Europe. The partnership begins today with Oval’s £1M crowdfunding round on Seedrs.

For the first time in the equity crowdfunding sector, the investment opportunity will be available to Oval users to register, become authorised, and invest in the campaign, all directly through the app, without having to leave it once. The API will allow the funding round to run simultaneously in the Oval app and the Seedrs site.

Our vision for Seedrs is to be a part of the wider fintech ecosystem, allowing investors to access this exciting asset class from anywhere, whether that’s their bank or their favourite fintech app. APIs like this one will play a crucial role in the integration of private marketplaces into more mainstream channels.”

Ricardo Brizido, Chief Technology Officer at Seedrs

Oval’s goal is to allow users to access a variety of asset classes and investment opportunities, helping them be smarter with their spending and investing for the future. The partnership with Seedrs will empower their users to add early-stage private equity to their investment portfolios, alongside the other funds and investment vehicles that Oval offer.

We’re always looking for ways to expand our investment marketplace offering so our users have the best products on the market available to them. Offering our users the opportunity to invest in private equity is exactly the type of innovation we are continually striving to do, and we’re looking forward to seeing how our partnership with Seedrs develops after our raise as we continue to innovate on accessible and inclusive opportunities for our users.”

Benedetta Arese Lucini, CEO and co-founder of Oval

To find out more, check out Oval’s campaign here. Remember that when investing in early-stage private equity, your capital is at risk.