Since June 2017, we’ve had over 10,000 investor exits on our Secondary Market in over 350 different businesses. The number of people looking to sell on our Secondary Market is continuing its strong MoM growth with another record this month – (815 sellers, 335 businesses). We are seeing a record value (€) of Euro businesses submitted and overall, are continuing to exceed £1m in submitted shares for sale.

We’ve also been busy making some very cool changes to the investment journey and layout recently.

Check the updates out for yourself here.

Seedrs Secondary Market – November 2019.

There is now the ability to select sector filters, track the share price history before buying, and view which companies are trending,

Whilst it is still open for trading one week a month, the market will now remain open to view for the entire month. This means investors can research the companies they would like to buy shares in, and see what will be available to purchase before the trading window opens again.

It’s long been our mission to create an innovative and dynamic private equity marketplace. The Seedrs Secondary Market is a huge part of that vision. People shouldn’t underestimate this product as a huge game-changer for this industry, and today’s product update with the new features reflects the direction that this is heading in. Watch this space for even more updates next month.

Joel Ippoliti, Chief Product Officer at Seedrs