The war impacting Ukraine through the unacceptable actions of Russia is heartbreaking. The shock and horror we, as a company, feel does not compare to the recent changes in so many people’s lives in Ukraine. 

To our Ukrainian founders, investors, colleagues and loved ones, we stand by you. To those still in Ukraine fighting the unknown, we are deeply moved by your strength and courage to stay positive and strong in the midst of this all. 

What Seedrs is doing 

Our first priority is to support our Ohana (employees) impacted by this crisis. While we do not have employees based in Ukraine, we do have Ukrainian employees in other offices and those with deep ties. We are giving them the support to prioritise their mental and physical wellbeing during this time. 

As a regulated financial services firm, we have also enacted changes on our platform to ensure we are in line with the recently-implemented financial sanctions against Russia. Some of these actions include:   

  • Removing investment authorisation from existing Russian-based investors, meaning they are no longer able to invest in campaigns moving forward 
  • Disabling account registration for new users in Russia 
  • Continuing to ensure companies or deals on our platform have neither companies nor directors tied to sanctions, and perform extra due diligence procedures on any companies or directors that have any ties to Russia (e.g. citizenship)
  • We are supporting our portfolio companies through any changes they need to make to stay compliant with sanctions rules, such as divesting any investment
  • We are ensuring that any upcoming exits do not ultimately provide returns to any  sanctioned companies or individuals
  • Finally, and as we have done for years, we monitor all our existing users 24/7 against any changes in the sanction regimes and lists,  including 24 hour monitoring of sanctions so that we’re always in the know and can immediately implement additional changes

We will continue to update you on any additional steps we take. 

What you can do

It’s easy to feel helpless in this situation but there are ways to take action. Some steps you can take include: 

  • Check on the people you know who may be affected by the situation
  • Research local initiatives around your area – so many communities are collecting essential item donations, looking for volunteers and more
  • Take time to understand the international issues and the impact of it on us all (most importantly Ukranians themselves)

Below are a few examples of additional ways to help through trusted sources.

Email your local MP. 

Urge them to take all possible measures and actions to support Ukraine. Ask those in your local area to do so too. The more letters, the more pressure MPs face to take action immediately. You can find your MPs contact details here

Donate through The Red Cross

The Red Cross are collecting donations to help those in Ukraine with the following: accessing food, water, first aid, medicines, warm clothes and shelter. To donate today, view this page here.  

Homes for Ukraine scheme 

This programme allows British citizens, businesses and charities to offer a room or home rent-free to Ukrainian refugees. The government is offering £350 a month in compensation, which can also be given towards the person or family you’re supporting. You can learn more and register here

Donate through With Ukraine

The Embassy of Ukraine to the UK has set up this platform to provide support to Ukraine and its people. You can donate with as much or as little, collectively it forms a meaningful impact. To donate today, view this page here