Last week, Innovate Finance launched their ‘Innovation in Finance’ series, produced by BBC StoryWorks. A first of its kind documentary, the series tells the story of the global FinTech ecosystem, recognising the ability for innovation in financial services to make a huge difference to our society. 

We’re thrilled to be part of  the series, alongside other notable FinTech’s and Seedrs alumni member, GoodBox. The short film produced on investing in private businesses highlights Seedrs’ mission to create a fairer playing field in the world of equity investment. Providing a full stack investment marketplace to rising entrepreneurs and investors alike, Seedrs is creating a transparent, liquid and trusted platform. With Seedrs, buying and selling shares in private businesses has never been easier. Whether you are a small or large business or a retail or institutional investor, Seedrs is breaking the world of private company investment wide open. 

Jeff Kelisky, CEO at Seedrs says: “We’re incredibly honoured to be part of such a fantastic project, particularly at a time when the world is looking for the innovations needed to tackle the uncertainty and disruption in today’s markets. This series celebrates how technological revolutions, and the people who support them, have solved various problems for communities across the world; and it’s great to see Seedrs at the heart of it.” 

A huge thank you to Sarah Merrick at Ripple Energy and dedicated Seedrs investor, Gavin Jordan, for taking the time to be part of this  project. 

Watch the full series here: