Private Deal Room

Exclusive access to restricted deals.

Curated investment opportunities exclusively for High Net Worth and Sophisticated investors.

Greater diversity of investment opportunities

High net worth and Sophisticated investors can now access a far wider selection of investment opportunities. Premium venture capital funds will allow exclusive access to investment opportunities previously difficult to obtain. And we have opened up exclusive access to our portfolio’s subsequent funding rounds, usually only open to existing shareholders.

Exclusive access to funding rounds for Seedrs portfolio businesses

  • Opportunity to invest in growing businesses in our portfolio

  • Restricted to high net worth and sophisticated investors only

  • Limited allocation available on a first come first serve basis

  • Strictly time limited access to the funding round

  • Closing documentation and process managed by Seedrs

  • Nominee management services

Premium Venture Capital funds

  • Exclusive opportunity to invest in a previously hard to access, high profile VC funds

  • Restricted to high net worth and sophisticated investors only

  • Quarterly performance reporting

  • Escrow services for investments

  • Automated drawdowns into the fund

  • Nominee management services

Introductions to businesses seeking angel investment

Exclusively for angel investors looking to invest £10k or more, Introducer campaigns offer an opportunity to discover and engage directly with businesses not yet, or ever, looking to crowdfund. Through the campaign you can learn about the business direction and strategy before getting in touch directly to continue the discussion offline with the business owners.

Introducer campaigns

  • Exclusive early access to businesses building their funding round

  • Limited to investments of £10k and above

  • Investment summary and pitch deck access

  • Direct introduction to the business to discuss the opportunity further

  • Conduct your own due diligence, documentation and investment process

  • Direct shareholding and management with the business

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