Campaign Spotlight: Cracker Drinks – A Craft Drinks Brand Led by Heavyweights of the Industry

Campaign Spotlight: Cracker Drinks – A Craft Drinks Brand Led by Heavyweights of the Industry

6th August 2020 by Michaela Salomon

When investing your capital is at risk.

With over 100% of its target reached in under a week – which will be matched upon approval by the UK Government’s Future Fund – Cracker Drinks is revolutionising the juice drinks market just like craft beverage brands have done for beer. 

Cracker Drinks was formed by veterans of the drinks industry with the ambition of becoming the market-leading craft drinks brand. Chris Banks CBE was former MD of Coca-Cola Great Britain and former President of the British Soft Drinks Association, Jack Lovell was a lead investor and NED of Johnson’s Juices and Nick Theakston is a Director of T&R Theakston. Underpinning their extensive drinks experience with financial nous is Sohail Rasul, a chartered accountant formerly in PwC’s corporate finance and M&A divisions. 

The UK soft drinks market is estimated to be worth £16.2 billion, and growing every year as healthier products fall into favour among diverse consumer bases. Cracker’s market research showed that 30% of consumers prefer to buy premium soft drinks over alcohol, and 21% don’t buy alcohol whatsoever. With the global trend toward healthier consumption is on the rise, consumers are actively looking for alternatives to alcoholic beverages. However, the majority of options available to them are packed with sugar, sweeteners and additives – including soft drinks and mocktail mixers. Cracker has created three established subsidiary brands: Cracker Drinks, CRAFTED and Newton’s Appl Fizzics, each of which are distinctively craft in its own right.

In the wake of Covid-19, people are more acutely aware than ever of what they’re ingesting the effects that this will have on their long-term wellbeing. Cracker Drinks’ established drinks range, which is currently stocked in over 2,000 major retail outlets including Asda, Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Whole Foods, Holland & Barrett, Morrison’s and more, has the competitive edge to capitalise on a new normal. 

What differentiates Cracker Drinks within the competitive landscape, is a huge amount of pride in and dedication to the ingredients of its products, which use only the highest quality fruit, sourced from all over the world. Made from oranges from Brazil, lemons from Spain and mangoes from India, each recipe is inventive, yet simple. Any given Cracker Drinks beverage is a combination of premium fruit blends and the perfect quantity of water, meaning that each serving contains approximately 20% less calories and sugar than 100% juice, without compromising on nutritional benefit. These blending techniques bring out the best in flavour, allowing every fruit to speak for itself, whether that’s to enjoy in 330ml format on-the-go, or as a healthy addition to any cocktail or alcohol-free mix. Better yet, each serving of a beverage from any of their three ranges constitutes one of your five a day, making it easier than ever to up vitamin and antioxidant consumption at a time when it’s needed most. 

Health and sustainability are at the forefront of Cracker Drinks’ mind. Absolutely everything in their drinks range is vegan-friendly and wrapped in recyclable packaging. With flavours like Mango & Passionfruit, Coconut & Line, Apple, Mint & Lime and Still Cloudy Lemonade, Cracker Drinks’ ranges cater to the tastes of all consumers looking for a third-quenching, health-conscious and naturally sweet refreshment, at any time of the day.

Their crowdfunding round on Seedrs, which is currently open for investment, will allow them to zero in on increasing availability of their beverages in more under-represented sectors such as pubs, bars and food service, while bolstering already strong on-trade sales growth. They’ve also got their sights on international expansion in the next few years. A portion of the funds raised will also be dedicated to new product innovation, allowing them to source more premium ingredients, conduct market research and apply consumer feedback to develop new and inventive flavours the market has never seen before. 

To find out more about Cracker Drinks and the opportunity to invest, visit the pitch now.

Michaela Salomon

Michaela Salomon

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