Campaign Spotlight: Skinny Brands – low-calorie premium lager

Campaign Spotlight: Skinny Brands – low-calorie premium lager

21st December 2018 by Michaela Salomon

[Advertisement feature by Skinny Brands]

From its hometown of Manchester, through to Europe and now Australia, Skinny Brands is adding a new and highly coveted dimension in the alcohol space – designed for healthy lifestylers, athletes and anyone that wants to enjoy their favourite beverages without compromise.

Skinny Lager boasts a low carb content of only 0.9% and 89 calories a bottle, yet maintains 4%ABV – sitting well below the current industry standard. The drink is also certified gluten free, Kosher and vegan friendly, making it well suited to meet growing consumer demand for dietary alternatives to the mainstream. The brand also recently released its signature Skinny Cider, at only 149 calories per 500ml bottle. In under two years, the company has produced over two million bottles, won listings in five major UK retailers, twenty on-trade wholesalers and over a thousand on-trade stockists in ten international markets.

In response to rising health trends and increasing prevalence of dietary restrictions, food and beverage producers are constantly developing and expanding their product offering. However, the alcohol industry has been slow to adjust in comparison. Not only are most beers very high in calories, containing almost 5g of carbohydrates, most bottles don’t even have a nutritional label on display, making it difficult to know exactly what you’re consuming. In addition to a full nutritional label so consumers can drink in confidence, the Skinny Lager has 35% less calories and 72% less carbs than the industry average. Likewise, the Skinny Cider has 149 calories per bottle (about 30% less than the average), with only 0.5g of carbohydrates per 100ml. While most firms’ response to the demand for better-for-you alternatives was to venture into the ‘light’ beer space, Skinny Brands’ research shows that 29% of UK consumers would rather not drink at all than drink low ABV options. Skinny products successfully maintain standard ABV content, while still allowing consumers the freedom to make healthier choicesIn addition to recruiting an impressive mass of loyal consumers, the brand has also attracted impressive industry talent. Adrian Hirst (previously the Global Sales Director for Kopparberg) has spearheaded UK and EU sales growth and brand development as well as helped to introduce Skinny Cider into international markets. Testament to its big ideas for the alcohol market, Skinny Brands had turned over £1.4 million for the year by the end of November 2018, representing a 211% YOY increase.

Beyond just the products themselves, Skinny Brands has invested heavily into a comprehensive events program, sampling to over 800,000 consumers. In 2018, the brand hosted its seventh popular ‘Wolf Run’ obstacle race in Warwickshire, which boasted a Skinny Bus, Container Bar and product sampling. Products were also featured at a number of major events this year, including the RFL final, Goodwood Festival of Speed, Beaufort Polo Charity Day, Henley Royal Regatta and more. Not only do these events and partnerships garner valuable brand exposure, they also help to bring together passionate and devoted sports and lifestyle fans from all walks of life, to share a refreshing, health-forward brew.

“This is just the beginning” says Allan Moffat, Skinny brands Marketing Director, “so let’s raise a cold one to the Skinny revolution.”

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Michaela Salomon

Michaela Salomon

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