Campaign Spotlight: Homeit – Upgrading property rental management

Campaign Spotlight: Homeit – Upgrading property rental management

20th November 2018 by Michaela Salomon

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Homeit, the one-stop-shop for smart access solutions currently fundraising on Seedrs, is on a mission to upgrade the rental property management system. Not only does the Homeit system enable seamless smart access to virtually any door type on the market, it is designed to work for platforms such as AirBnB or that hosts already employ and trust. Homeit’s vision is to streamline the logistical management of properties, including the service providers that maintain them, and the guests that enjoy them.

Homeit’s access system includes a Homeit box installed inside the apartment, connected to its door and intercom, that is programmed to unlock both the apartment’s door and the building’s streetside door, at the push of a button. Controlled remotely via the Homeit App, text message or optional keypad, the system eliminates the time-consuming logistical stress associated with hosting rental properties. Using Homeit, homeowners can effortlessly coordinate and oversee both service supplier and guest access to their homes instantaneously, all from their device. In 2018 alone, Homeit allowed over 75,000 users to access 1,341 homes across the world.

Over the span of fifteen months, Homeit developed the Homeit Box 2.0 (its smart access control hardware) and developed “bundles”, adding more locks to its product catalogue. In the last year, Homeit expanded its operational capacity from three to fifteen countries, selling over 1300 boxes and enabling 1.3 million guest accesses. Generating revenue primarily from hardware sales and monthly subscriptions, Homeit’s monetisation strategy also capitalises on service fees (for cleaning, laundry and maintenance ordered through the platform) and guest bookings made on the Homeit app. This fundraising round will allow the company to amplify market penetration in Portugal, Poland and France, integrate the system with further booking platforms and roll out a series of Premium bundle software features.

From granting access, to organising cleaning and services, to responding to guest queries, there are a number of headaches associated with hosting a rental property. In its effort to facilitate the Sharing Economy, Homeit removes the need for physical keys and therefore the need to copy them when they are inevitably lost. This amounts to hassle-free access to a clean and secure property, serving both to optimise the guest experience and maximise hosts’ profit-making potential.

Designed to feel like a custom solution, Homeit’s vision is to become the European market leader in smart access control for short term rentals.

For more information, visit the Homeit campaign here.

Michaela Salomon

Michaela Salomon

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