Founder Interview: British Pearl –  property investment made simple

Founder Interview: British Pearl –  property investment made simple

30th November 2018 by Michaela Salomon

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While alluring in its potential for returns, the property investment sphere is notoriously expensive and complex for the average investor to navigate.

British Pearl, the FCA regulated property investment platform currently raising on Seedrs, is on a mission to transform property investment, allowing investors to build diversified portfolios tailored to their risk and return requirements, with efficiency, speed, transparency and confidence.

We sat down with Founder Ali Celiker to discuss British Pearl’s vision within the property investment space.

What is British Pearl’s vision and why are you personally passionate about it?

British Pearl is dedicated to making property investment liquid. We help our investors to build wealth and unlock financial freedom through a diversified property portfolio.

The goal for all of us at British Pearl has always been to help people make the most of the money they work hard for. In today’s low interest rate environment, it is essential that people have access to better returns from investments they are able to both trust and understand. Property is a tangible asset that peaks the interest of many, but is out of reach for most. By making property investment affordable, easy and liquid we are helping people achieve financial freedom.  

How did your previous career experience provide the foundation for a successful venture into the smart property investment space?

I worked in capital markets for many years, undertaking roles within many departments including operations, risk management, sales and trading. This experience prepared me well for this venture in many ways. In addition to developing and refining my financial literacy and understanding of the requirements of an FCA-governed sector, it helped me to acclimatize to a high pressured and fast paced environment, working alongside people from all walks of life.

My career progression from operations through to trading taught me vital skills to understand the intricate functionings of a business. As a result, British Pearl’s operational infrastructure has been thoroughly and thoughtfully devised to support cost efficiency, compliance and scalability.     

What has been the greatest challenge since starting British Pearl?

There are a number of challenges associated with building a new business from the ground up – especially one regulated by the FCA. Despite all this, the main challenge always lies in sourcing the right people, both internal and external to the business.

The wrong hiring decision can have a negative impact on the business, especially in the early stages of operation. Our team works exceptionally well together due to unified and reciprocated trust and respect. Every one of our executives is an expert in their professional field. As a result, we are always willing to challenge each other’s perspectives – often in a passionate but respectful manner, which leads to the most beneficial outcomes for the business. We also ensure that we’re working with right external services providers, allowing us to meet the best possible operational standards on all fronts.

What sets British Pearl apart from its competitors in the space?

The differentiating factors are two-fold. Firstly, British Pearl provides investors with a level of trust and understanding of the risk involved with property investment. When people invest using our service, they entrust us with their hard earned savings and we take this responsibility very seriously. Every investment we present on our website undergoes a strict and comprehensive investment and legal due diligence process. The investments are purchased using an underwriting vehicle, and we have tenanted each and every one to ensure they are income-producing before we present them to our investment community.

The second element is efficiency. We provide the best value for money and generate the most value for our shareholders by owning our operational infrastructure and building our internal intellectual property. By effectively removing middle men where possible, we are able to build our own technology, process our own payments and manage our own ISAs. This means our variable costs are lower, profit margins are higher and we are more agile, giving us a unique competitive advantage.

What’s the most valuable tip about financial management you have learned so far?

Don’t spend beyond your means – always try and save a little. Savings compound over time into something meaningful. While not a new concept, it remains one of the most crucial for financial responsibility. Einstein once said “Compound interest is the eighth wonder of the world. He who understands it, earns it … he who doesn’t … pays it.”.

What’s one piece of advice you would give to the future generation?

Life is short, be brave.

If you weren’t working at British Pearl, what would you be doing?

I make a mean kebab.

To learn more, visit British Pearl’s campaign here.

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