Campaign Spotlight: Kokoon – helping the world sleep easier

Campaign Spotlight: Kokoon – helping the world sleep easier

28th May 2019 by Michaela Salomon

[Advertisement feature by Kokoon]

For most of us, the waking hours of the day are spent devising ways to get things done quicker, better and smarter. However, we rarely apply the same effort to ensure we’re making the most of our downtime. With a vision to help people relax and sleep easier, digital platform Kokoon has devised noise-cancelling headphones that learn from you as you sleep, to develop a bank of audio content that is both backed by clinical research and carefully tailored to meet your needs.

After dealing with his own sleep grievances for years, Kokoon CEO Tim Antos turned to Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, finding particular clinically validated techniques to be highly effective in inducing sounder sleep. In an effort to make his discoveries available to the third of the global population that suffer from sleep trouble, Antos developed Kokoon – the natural solution to help people switch off, wind down and sleep better. Now, with a portfolio of five international patents and its own proprietary algorithms, Kokoon has built up a wealth of fascinating, and insightful data, putting the brand at the forefront of sleep health innovation.Designed to mould to its wearer’s head, each pair of Kokoon headphones is made using all-natural fabric that is fully breathable and ergonomic. Over time, the device’s intelligent audio library adapts both to you and your environment to develop personalised recommendations to help you relax. As you sleep, the Kokoon smartphone app monitors a number of key data metrics and analyses your responses to audio outputs, which it then leverages to develop and improve a completely personalised audio library for every degree of relaxation. It doesn’t matter if you’re in a rumbling airplane cabin or a bustling cafe, Kokoon’s EEG sensors and noise cancelling white noise technology allow you to fully immerse yourself in customised audio content, so you can get the most from your hours of rest.

With over £4.5 million sold in pre-orders and a multi-million dollar pipeline of orders from retailers, Kokoon is helping users around the world to reduce dependency on medicated sleep alternatives by unlocking clinically verified sleep techniques that are often out of reach, or unaffordable for the general public.The ideal solution for frequent travellers, commuters and those in noisy sleep environments, Kokoon headphones have culminated a loyal fanbase, who swear by their comfort and unique audio capabilities. With over 200 reviews averaging over 4 stars, customers across the globe are using their Kokoon headphones for all types of relaxation purposes, ranging from sleep, to meditation, to simply enjoying a moment of calm or an audiobook. In addition to the custom audio option, the headphones are compatible with all the popular music apps including Soundcloud, Spotify, Headspace and more, for a fully comprehensive listening experience.

Kokoon’s latest funding round will help the brand to further develop its product and platform capabilities, which will include the launch of an in-ear headphone and global rollout of the product offering across major international e-commerce and B2B platforms. Similar to the likes of Calm, Headspace and Netflix, Kokoon will soon offer users a subscription model, unlocking full access to content, coaching and premium features for a fixed monthly payment of £5.99.

With its eyes on cutting edge innovation and sleep clinic partnerships, Kokoon hopes to help millions of users around the world get the rest they need, naturally.

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Michaela Salomon

Michaela Salomon

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