Campaign Spotlight: Mr Lee’s, healthy cup noodles for busy people

Campaign Spotlight: Mr Lee’s, healthy cup noodles for busy people

5th May 2020 by Michaela Salomon

As people continuously look for more affordable meal options, and find it harder than ever before to fit smart nutrition into a busy schedule, culinary inspiration can be hard to come by. That’s where Mr Lee’s Pure Foods steps in. Championing real, health-driven ingredients, Mr Lee’s noodles are chock full of nutritional benefits, and absolutely no nasties.

Diagnosed with terminal stage four cancer as a single father to two young sons, Damien Lee quickly transformed his diet to eliminate the harmful artificial ingredients that lurk unnoticed in everyday processed food staples. The idea for Mr Lee’s healthier instant noodles was born from his constant craving for the comforting noodles and broth that are a quick and easy staple for millions of people around the world – despite the fact that their ingredients can be compromising. 

An entrepreneur by nature, Mr Lee’s Pure Foods is one of the many companies Damien Lee has successfully launched without prior industry experience – allowing him to lead with fresh perspective and carve new routes to market that ultimately improve the consumer experience. After bringing aboard a small team of employees and developing six product variations with reputable suppliers, Lee brought a new, better-for-you product to the table – one of the market’s lowest in salts, sugars, saturated fats and calories and with absolutely no nasties. Since then, the brand has received support from industry leaders, professionals and investors, as well as inspired other brands to diversify into more healthful, allergen-free options for the modern health-conscious consumer.

With 14% of deaths in the UK estimated to be attributed to diet according to the BBC, every day consumers are searching now more than ever for healthy alternatives. Contrary to their supermarket counterparts, Mr Lee’s noodles are made using only the finest freeze-fried ingredients, in six flavours inspired by the ones that Lee grew up on as a child in Australia. 

In a Mr Lee’s cup you’ll find everything from generous chunks of 100% chicken breast to broccoli and cauliflower of only the highest quality. By freeze drying rather than its dehydrating fresh ingredients, Mr Lee’s preserves their nutritional value and flavour in a way that no other comparable brand does. Better yet, a cup of Mr Lee’s noodles contains absolutely none of the harmful artificial preservatives and additives that are prolific in many of the commonplace store-bought options. Mr Lee’s is giving a new name to quick prepared meals, and this is very much just the beginning of the brands’ global expansion.

The expansion strategy for Mr Lee’s began in the travel-catering space and vending niche, before trickling down into mainstream retail. Their crowdfunding campaign on Seedrs will help to fund the roll-out of new, innovative products that will transform on-the-go food standards across Europe and Australasia, and soon, the US. 

In light of the Covid-19 uncertainty, Mr Lee’s is offering free delivery and 20% off for all UK orders here to help with the current crisis. 

Mr Lee’s aims to continue innovating by drawing on customer feedback and evolving global trends, to transform nutrition for the busy consumer. This is your chance to join them.

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Michaela Salomon

Michaela Salomon

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