Campaign Spotlight: Personalised: Supplements, Customised for You

Campaign Spotlight: Personalised: Supplements, Customised for You

4th November 2020 by Michaela Salomon

When investing, your capital is at risk. 

By the time Sam Zappi and Christian Samuel started Personalised in 2018, they had tried almost every vitamin company under the sun, without success. They knew that nutrition, exercise and lifestyle played a huge part in their health, but they also recognised there were things missing, and they couldn’t find what they were looking for on the market.

So, with different goals for their personal health in mind, they set out to create a brand that champions “just right”, the right amount of ingredients to achieve your goals – whatever they may be – and nothing else. No long labels of ingredients you can’t pronounce on the back of a pill bottle, but rather a supplement solution perfectly tailored to you and your needs. 

Very early on, they worked with their nutritionist and a formulation partner to create their first Personalised Protein blends. Just a month later, they launched their website, which saw so much traffic that it initially crashed, and stock was depleting quickly. Within the first few months, and after a little technical fortification, Personalised had brought on over 1,000 customers through organic marketing alone, with thousands more talking about the concept on social media platforms. With a strong proposition and proven demand for their products, they raised £192,000 from private and crowd investors in 2019. 

With the wellness market already sitting at £2.8 trillion in value worldwide (The Telegraph), it became clear demand for customisable wellness products expanded far outside of just protein, and Personalised had the infrastructure and knowledge of the industry to apply their concept to supplements as well. Alongside a full rebrand, they launched into the personalised vitamins space. By taking a simple quiz to define their goals, habits and lifestyles, customers could now benefit from Personalised’s custom-built algorithm to determine wellness solutions tailored to their specific needs, all backed by the research and expertise of professional nutritionists. 

According to Zappi, the supplements industry is currently “sleeping at the wheel” with demand for personalised wellness products surging, but unavailable to the mass market at a reasonable price point. With the benefits of early market share acquisition and one of the largest social followings for any supplements brand in the country, Personalised has big plans in the pipeline, including an in-house app build that will serve to support customers to stay in control of their health, all from their device. They’re also continually refining the capabilities of their algorithm to ensure their customers are provided with the best options, specifically for them.

The innovation doesn’t stop here. Personalised just released their CBD formulation as part of an emerging research category, in efforts to meet rising global trends toward CBD products. They’ll soon be adding collagen, nootropics as well as CBD into their range, and rolling out testing kits to validate their value proposition. This crowdfunding round will help them supercharge their operations for efficiency and scalability, develop their companion-app, expand into new product categories, and double down on innovative customer acquisition strategies.

This year to date they reached over £250,000 in revenue (March 2020 – October)* – and once the UK is driving their target revenues, they’ll have their sights on US expansion.

To find out more about Personalised and back their vision for global wellness, visit the pitch now

*Based on unaudited management accounts.

Michaela Salomon

Michaela Salomon

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