Meet The Founder: Slim Wine – Better, Without Compromise

Meet The Founder: Slim Wine – Better, Without Compromise

23rd June 2020 by Michaela Salomon

When investing, your capital is at risk. 

Consumers are increasingly looking for alternatives that allow them to indulge in the finer things in life, without compromising on health. With lower calorie mixers, healthier beers and zero-added sugar beverages making their way onto UK shelves, the trend is catching on. And yet, when you go to enjoy a glass of wine, you’re left wondering what’s in the bottle. 

Slim Wine is the first known wine in the UK to declare exactly what’s in it, and one of the first known to be given nutritional labelling approval by the FSA. It’s also the first known zero-sugar, zero-carb, zero-fat wine. All without leaving flavour behind.

We sat down with founder Paul Anthony Gidley to learn more about the brand that’s trailblazing within the wine industry, for the benefit of health, and peace of mind.

What is Slim Wine’s vision in your own words?

Today’s consumers think about the long-term when they shop, but they also want to enjoy the moment. We’ve created a range of wines designed for how we all want to live today – better, but without compromise. That’s been our mission from the beginning, and we’re constantly developing new products that embody that mission and put the modern consumer first.

How is Slim Wine disrupting the market?

Every day almost 90% of men and women worry about something they have eaten or drunk in the past day – and two treats they are least willing to give up are wine and ice cream.

Most of us have become accustomed to check the label on a product before consuming it. We’re more conscious of the sugar, preservatives and carbohydrates that we’re ingesting than ever before. Slim Wine is the first wine to be fully transparent about it’s contents, so you can be sure you’re making choices aligned with your lifestyle. Every bottle is made with Champagne and premium grapes. It’s delicious, real, high quality wine, with good alcohol content, and none of the bad stuff, meaning you never have to give up flavour in favour of health. That’s something the wine industry really hasn’t seen before. 

What has the company’s growth trajectory looked like over the years?

I’ve spent my career working in global wine marketplaces, which helped me create the only single-branded online wine store. This has allowed greater profits, better communication with our customers and ultimately twice the national average spend per purchase.

Slim Wine’s platform is as much a product marketplace as it is a full ecosystem for consumers. We communicate with our consumers in a really unprecedented way, always taking their feedback on board. We already have over 40,000 loyal, cross-generational followers, many of which have a high return rate. We’ve made a point of creating a deeply personal relationship with our audience, to divert from the path of “big brands” and deliver a personal persona that really resonates with people, and takes their needs and wants to heart. We’ve been growing steadily. Even throughout the Covid-19 crisis, we saw record earnings, and quadrupled sales since launch. Needless to say, we’re looking forward to what’s to come.

What does the competitive landscape look like?

The “flight to better” has only increased in the last few years, and trends toward healthier consumption will continue to rise in the future. We all need to live healthier lives, but we don’t want to have to give up the things we love – and so long as companies like ours are taking initiative and developing innovative solutions, we won’t have to.

At this time, we have first mover advantage and own the zero-sugar wine trademark. We have the number one ranking on Google worldwide and are the only wine with national retail. We have doubled in size year on year so far, and are on track to triple in size this year. To our knowledge, we’re the only brand that’s bringing the wine industry into the 21st century, and giving the modern, health-conscious consumer a product that allows them to do what they love without guilt or compromise.

We’ve worked hard to establish competitive advantage in this market and we’ve gained significant traction and media recognition along the way, all of which serves to increase barriers to entry for competitors. In the next three years, we’ll be looking either to IPO on a public exchange, or carry out a trade sale.

What recent awards or accolades have you won?

We are a three-time National Quality Food & Drink Awards winner. We’ve been covered by Glamour, SKY TV and many more. But most importantly, we’re consistently getting positive feedback from our customers.

What new products are currently in development?

We have just launched our rosé wine, and we’re about to launch our signature gin in about two weeks – and this is just the beginning. With the proceeds from this round, we’re looking to supercharge product development, trade development and marketing efforts. 

We’re aiming to increase the supply available to our giant retailer Tesco (we’re currently stocked in 800 stores across the UK), and looking to expand into new markets such as pubs, restaurants, bars, cruises, airlines, duty-free, and driving growth for our online store.

Why are you looking forward to bringing on Seedrs investors?

We are a company that’s community-driven at its core, and we want it to stay that way. What better way to engage our audience than to bring them on board as shareholders? Every success for the business is a success for our customers, and for our investors.

What gets you up in the morning?

My horses.

What’s your top tip for surviving lockdown?

Find something you cherish, and put time into it. For me, it’s my business.

What do you think pairs best with a glass of Slim Wine?

A second glass.

To find out more about the investment opportunity, visit Slim Wine’s pitch.

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