Make the most from investing in startups with Seedrs

Make the most from investing in startups with Seedrs

2nd July 2012 by Simon Hiscox

Before Seedrs, investing in startups was expensive and time-consuming. We change that by streamlining the process, eliminating unnecessary bespoke documentation and bringing the legal due diligence in-house. This means investors aren’t bothered with cumbersome paperwork and hefty lawyers’ fees.

For investors to make the most of the Seedrs platform, though, there are some things we think they should take into their own hands:

1. Ask each entrepreneur questions
Some experienced angel investors have wondered about the interaction between themselves and entrepreneurs with all this simplicity. Do not fear – you can still get that.

If you’re going to be investing, you can ask each entrepreneur questions about their startup to ensure you fully appreciate what they’re trying to do. As part of our due-diligence process, we don’t approve any listing to go live until we are sure it’s fair, clear and not misleading. But we don’t vet the business to evaluate whether they’re likely to be successful – that’s up to investors to decide. So, ask them questions about themselves, the business and recent milestones via their profile.

2. Share your investments with friends
We make it easy for you to share news of your investments on social networks, and we would encourage you to do so. The more people who know about your investments, the more likely the startups will reach their funding targets. And, if you believe enough in a business to invest in them yourself, let your friends on Facebook and Twitter in on the opportunity to be a part of a great business.

3. Offer expertise
Once you’ve invested, get involved! Especially if you have a lot of experience in a relevant field, some free time and the interest in helping businesses get off the ground can be very helpful. If a startup doesn’t want or need the support just yet, at least they’ll know where to go to when they are ready for it.

We hope you enjoy being part of Seedrs. If you have any thoughts or suggestions on how we can make it even more engaging for you, we hope you’ll share them with us, either in the comments below or by e-mail anytime.


Simon Hiscox

Marketing Director

Digital Agency Kent