Making The World #SeedrsGreen

Making The World #SeedrsGreen

24th October 2019 by Ellie Collins

At Seedrs, we support many businesses putting sustainability and our environment at the centre of their mission. As a company, we’re also actively pushing to make ourselves greener and more environmentally friendly, starting with our environmental council, Seedrs Green. We aim to meet regularly to form collective action plans to reduce our company’s environmental impact.

“The Seedrs Green team embodies the commitment of our employees to engage in sustainability. And Seedrs is proud to be a partner of Ripple Africa, as part of our pledge to make a real and positive difference to the environment outside of our office walls.”

Karen Kerrigan, COO at Seedrs 

One of our initiatives is our partnership with Ripple Africa, a grassroots charity supporting the environment, education, and healthcare in Malawi.

As a developing country, there is a monumental pressure on Malawi’s forest resources, which are depleting at a rate of 30,000 to 40,000 hectares per year. If this continues, the area will be stripped of all trees within 60 years, leading to catastrophic effects on wildlife, biodiversity, ecosystems and weather patterns. 

Now supporting Ripple Africa’s tree-planting initiative, for every Seedrs campaign that goes live (including pre-emption campaigns), we pledge to plant a tree. For our portfolio companies that have already successfully raised, we will be planting a tree for each successful round as well. We’re proud to champion Ripple Africa’s initiative to provide a long-term solution to deforestation, and our contribution will continue to grow as our company does. 

So far, this charity has helped communities plant over 12 million trees across several districts in Malawi, provide a sustainable source of timber, conserve indigenous trees, and restore natural forests. 

So far, we have planted 711 trees with Ripple Africa, that’s one tree for every campaign that successfully funded, including pre-emption. We will update Ripple Africa every six months with how many campaigns have funded since last we notified them, and plant that many.

If you’d like to learn more about Ripple Africa and donate to their initiatives directly, please visit them at

One of the most recent companies we are supporting to pioneer environmental change is Harvest London. Harvest is on a mission to improve the sustainability and biodiversity of our food systems through a network of data-driven, hydroponic farms. Their farm uses 90% less water on average in comparison to traditional farming practices, growing produce that is pesticide-free and not only benefits consumers’ health, but also the health of the planet.

Another campaign we’re currently funding is The Brook’s, producers of nutritionally rich and delicious meals for a generation of busy, health-conscious people who want to keep their carbon footprint down through plant-based food.

Making the world #SeedrsGreen.

Ellie Collins

Ellie Collins

Content Marketing Manager

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