Introducing our new interactive investment portfolio

Introducing our new interactive investment portfolio

27th May 2016 by Simon Hiscox

The Seedrs product and engineering teams are always looking for new ways to improve the experience on Seedrs for both investors and entrepreneurs, and our latest product update does exactly that.

We believe that a great portfolio experience should provide you with an up-to-date snapshot of investments you have made, the current tax status and all the relevant information such as share certificates and tax statements. Therefore, we have been working behind the scenes on improving the overall experience of managing your portfolio.

Here is a snapshot of what’s new and improved:

Portfolio summary

You can now quickly analyse and view a visual breakdown of your portfolio by allocation, state, sector and country. Brought to life visually through an interactive graph.


Investments grouped by business

All your investments are now grouped under the one business, making it even easier to track your investment by fundraising round.


Share certificates

All of your share certificates from investments are now available to download directly from your portfolio in PDF format.


Tax certificate status

You can now easily check the status of your tax certificates from the investments you have made.


 Tax Statements

All of your relevant investment tax information is now easily available to download,  helping you complete your annual returns.


This is just one of many product advances we are currently working on, so keep an eye out on the platform for new updates. If you have any questions or feedback regarding the new portfolio area, please get in touch.


Simon Hiscox

Marketing Director

Digital Agency Kent