Seedrs Updates
  • What is Seedrs?

    What is Seedrs?

    4th January 2013 by Simon Hiscox

    What is Seedrs? Jeff sat down with C21 Media, the company behind TechCityInsider, to talk in-depth about Seedrs, our approach to online investing, the… Read More

  • Seedrs FSA Authorisation

    Seedrs FSA Authorisation

    21st May 2012 by Jeff Lynn

    After two years of preparation and a year-long application process, Seedrs was authorised by the Financial Services Authority (FSA) this past Friday, 18 May…. Read More

  • Welcome to the Seedrs blog

    Welcome to the Seedrs blog

    14th May 2012 by Jeff Lynn

    Three years ago, Carlos and I set out to build a platform that allows ordinary people to invest in startups in a straightforward and efficient… Read More

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