The GIANT Health Event

The GIANT Health Event

18th October 2016 by Simon Hiscox

GIANT is a three-day (16, 17 and 18th November) professional conference and one-day consumer fair that brings ideas, technologies and people together to improve health.

A key event within HealthTechWeek, GIANT showcases leading technologies and accelerates innovation within a highly creative, interdisciplinary and collaborative environment.

GIANT’s core values revolve around creativity and innovation. It’s universally recognised that startups are an important source of creativity and innovation. They consider the “health tech start-up community” to be a very important part of our global stakeholder group.

The programme will help fledgeling businesses learn both about the crucial issues in business success, like fundraising, as well as how to master the unique challenges in the healthcare sector, such as how to sell to the NHS.

Seedrs is will be leading workshops on all three days, during the “Training for startups” track.


Simon Hiscox

Marketing Director

Digital Agency Kent