Hyper Poland

Hyper Poland aims to develop a disruptive upgrade the the railway industry with fully autonomous electric vehicles travelling at an ultra-high speed of over 1,000 kph (620 mph) on a specially designed infrastructure using magnetic levitation and low-pressure environment.

When looking for a crowdfunding platform Hyper Poland wanted to find an internationally recognised fundraising partner that could effectively raise capital for their technical development, talent acquisition, marketing and operations.

Hyper Poland raised €300,000 from more than 400 investors, 150% of their original target.

Hear from Kasia Foljanty, Head of Marketing at Hyper Poland, as she describes how working with the Seedrs team in Berlin helped Hyper Poland successfully achieve their objectives.

Hyper Poland Stats

  • Poland Country
  • €723 Avg. Investment
  • 469 Investors
  • €339,279 Raised
  • 2.72% Equity
  • 12 Days to Fund
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