NearDesk is the “Oyster card for desks,” making it simple for users to touch-in, touch-out, and rent desk and meeting space by the hour at different locations around the UK.

Users swipe in and out of locations, only paying for the time they use, and their company receives a single invoice for each of their NearDesk using employees. NearDesk wants people to work productively from anywhere. Not only does working near home would significantly reduce the time, stress, and pollution associated with daily commuting, but companies would also be able to reduce costs by cutting empty desks whilst retaining and attracting great people.

Lean capital raising

In early 2013, founder Tom Ball was looking for investment to get NearDesk off the ground. Having raised investment for a previous business, he knew it wasn’t going to be easy and appreciated the value of having clear shareholding structures. When he came across Seedrs, he knew he’d found a good fit.

Tom invited friends, family, colleagues and others who share his vision of working closer to home to invest in his business, raising £184,000 from 139 investors.

Growth capital from large and small investors

After launching the NearDesk card, partnering with 150 locations around the UK and adding new industry experts to his team, NearDesk returned to Seedrs in mid-2014 to raise a follow-on growth round. Taking advantage of the efficiencies combining online and offline investment offers, NearDesk raised just over £1 million – 166% more than their target – from an impressive 364 investors, including first round investors, new investors, and institutional investors Juno Capital LLP and Renaissance Capital Partners.

NearDesk is an excellent example of a company for whom the influx of new customers, advocates and industry influencers from an equity crowdfunding round is just as important as the capital raised. The groundswell of support for NearDesk from customers and potential customers both validates the demand for the product and creates a tribe of advocates with a vested interest in the company. Tom Ball said, “Our business is basically an ecosystem – being able to formalise that and have our wonderful community of customers, venues and ambassadors become part owners of the company is priceless.”

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NearDesk Stats

  • England Country
  • £2,747 Avg. Investment
  • 364 Investors
  • £1,000,012 Raised
  • 22.56% Equity
  • 42 Days to Fund
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