The Clubhouse

As cities become more congested and the cost of office space rises, the way we work is continuing to change at a rapid pace. In 2011 Adam Blaskey recognised this change and founded The Clubhouse, a business club, lounge and meeting space which provides time-poor professionals with an alternative to busy coffee shops or co-working spaces. We sat down with Adam to talk about his crowdfunding raise and engaging with his membership base.

Adam came up with the business idea during his previous role, “As the founder of a property business, I was meeting more and more of my clients on hotel lobbies and coffee shops in London. What I needed was something which filled the gap between a lobby and a serviced office.” Since then, The Clubhouse has become one of London’s leading business clubs and meeting spaces, offering a new way of doing business designed to meet the requirements of growing companies of all shapes and sizes.

In 2015, The Clubhouse raised £950,915 from 251 investors on Seedrs in order to continue their strong momentum. When deciding on which crowdfunding platform to use, one key reason that drew Adam to Seedrs was the full suites of services Seedrs offers as nominee claiming, “The nominee structure is very attractive; we raised money from 250 investors and the nominee structure looks after them.” Our structure eliminates a lot of burdensome administration for  entrepreneurs.  Instead of having to manage every single investor individually, we act as the intermediary between investors and the business so that the team can focus on growing their business. As part of the suite of services we provide as intermediary, our investment team administers things like SEIS/EIS tax certificates and shareholder agreements. For businesses like The Clubhouse, where looking after members and building relationships is much more of a priority, these services saved Adam time, money and hassle.

Adam’s advice for anyone who is about to embark on a crowdfunding campaign is to not take the process lightly. It’s a lot harder and a lot more time consuming than you’d think, so you’ve really got to put the effort in.” Adam’s advice certainly rings true; at Seedrs we see that the more prepared an entrepreneur is the more likely they are to reach their target. Entrepreneurs are also teamed up with a Campaign Success Manager throughout their raise to guide them throughout the process, ensuring that the entrepreneur’s time is well spent on the most important activities.

Adam also believes in the power of the herd mentality which is often associated with equity crowdfunding. Nobody wants to write the first cheque, so you do have to build up momentum,” he admits. To ensure that your campaign gets off to the best possible start, we recommend warming up your network and starting conversations with any potential investors early so that you have already started to build investment momentum before your campaign goes live.

Adam built up momentum from his fast-growing membership base that strongly believe in his mission. If you have a loyal customer base like we have, it really helps.” Tapping into your network of customers or users is one of the best ways to generate buzz and early interest in your crowdfunding campaign.

Learn more about our suite of services for businesses, or visit The Clubhouse online.

The Clubhouse Stats

  • England Country
  • £3,445 Avg. Investment
  • 251 Investors
  • £864,847 Raised
  • 10% Equity
  • 72 Days to Fund
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