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Life After Funding

We have gone to great lengths to ensure that, once you’re funded, you get all of the benefits of having a crowd of investors behind you without any of the problems a large investor base can sometimes cause.

Having a single shareholder

We act as the nominee for each Seedrs investor in your company. This means that we are the legal shareholder, and the underlying investors are beneficial owners. Nominee structures are very common and mean that you only have to face one legal shareholder – us – for votes, consents and other shareholder matters, just as you would with a fund or angel investor. It also means that you will find raising additional capital, and even selling the business, much easier than if you had dozens or hundreds of individual direct shareholders. For more information on what this structure is so important, please check out this blog post.

Engage with your investors

One of the main reasons businesses use Seedrs is to build a wide community of people with a vested interest the company’s success. Those investors will be your beta testers, early adopters, supporters, connectors and even mentors, and we want you to draw as much value from them as possible (they do too!). That is why we provide an investor relations section for your business, which only you and your investors have access to, where you can post updates, seek support, ask questions and get into discussions directly with your investors.

Raising further funding

If your business is successful, you will likely look to raise further funding down the line. That’s great, and we want to do all we can to support you. Many of our funded businesses have gone on to raise capital from venture capital firms, accelerators and angel investors; if this is the route you choose to go, we are always available and happy to help with the mechanics. We can even help make introductions. Meanwhile, if you’d like to come back to Seedrs and do a further round through us, please just let us know.

Your partner through exit

Beyond further funding rounds, we support you every step of the way right through to exit. Whether you exit through trade sale, IPO or winding-up, our portfolio oversight team is available to help you navigate the process and to help ensure your investors receive their fair-share of returns.

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