So you’ve decided that equity crowdfunding and Seedrs may be right for you and your business. Great news!

Types of businesses that can use Seedrs

Seedrs is open to early-stage and growth-focused businesses based in EU or EEA countries as well as Switzerland. If you are based outside of Europe, you are welcome to join Seedrs as a member, but you will not be able to raise investment through us just yet.

We welcome businesses from all industries, but we find that businesses that are innovative, entrepreneurial and focused on growth tend to be the most successful in raising funds. If your aim is to build more of a lifestyle business rather than one that aspires to expand and eventually provide meaningful returns to investors, Seedrs is probably not for you.

There are no limitations on the stage of your business. Many businesses on Seedrs are relatively early-stage and have not previously raised external funding, but we equally welcome later-stage companies who are seeking to raise a further round of growth finance in a more timely, cost-effective manner.

Become investment authorised

If you’re going to be asking investors to put their money behind you, it’s essential that you have the experience of being in their shoes. The best way to do this is to sign up to Seedrs, browse campaigns and make an investment in one you like. This doesn’t have to be much money, but it will help you understand what makes for a compelling campaign (based on other campaigns) and what the journey feels like for investors.

Is your network interested in investing in you?

Your extended networks and community will play an important role in driving early momentum for you campaign. But before you even get to that point, you should consider whether your immediate personal and professional contacts are going to be interested in investing in you. Think about it – they already know and, hopefully, like you, and if they’re not keen to invest £/€ 10 in you, it is unlikely that “the crowd” will do so. Your network can also provide you with helpful feedback on how to tell a compelling story about your business and help you anticipate the types of questions investors may ask. So go out and talk to your friends and colleagues, tell them that you’re thinking about doing a Seedrs campaign for your business, and see what they say – and ask if they’d invest.

Case Studies

Hundreds of businesses have raised investment through Seedrs. Learn from what some of them have done well, and not-so-well, by checking out our case studies.

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