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Running a Campaign

If your campaign is approved by our Investment Team you are now able to get it live. You will have to keep your investors engaged, find investment, etc.

Campaign duration

Your campaign can run for up to 40 days publicly. If you reach your target during that time, you can either close the campaign to further investment or keep it open for overfunding. If you don’t reach your target within 40 days your campaign will expire and investors will receive their money back.

Step 1 – Private launch

Once the review process is complete, you can set the campaign live and “private launch” your campaign at any time. Private launch means that only people who have your campaign URL can see and invest in your pitch. This allows you to manage your pitch marketing and traction by getting early investors you already know in before opening up the campaign to a wider, more public, audience. During this time, think about inviting friends, family, customers, advisors, suppliers, partners and any angel investors you’ve been speaking to, to check out your campaign and get in early.

Step 2 – Going public

When you feel ready, and believe you’ve got in everyone who should be involved in your campaign, you can set your Seedrs campaign to be viewable by anyone and everyone. This means that it will appear in search results, people will be able to see a preview of your campaign, and anyone logged into Seedrs as an investor will be able to see your full campaign and invest in it. It really only makes sense to go public if your campaign has a credible number of investors or percentage raised.

Answer investor questions

Potential investors may ask you public or private questions through your campaign page. They may also request further information from you. You can respond directly through the platform, and we’d encourage you to engage with them as quickly and thoroughly as possible. Many investors will base their investment decisions on the responses you give to their questions and information requests.

Combining online and offline investment

One of the most powerful aspects of a Seedrs campaign is that you can combine online and offline investing in a single round. If you have already lined up institutional or large angel investors to invest in you, we make it easy for you to bring their investments through your campaign. The advantage of doing so is that it provides validation for prospective investors – they can see that you’ve already received significant backing, and this may make them more likely to invest.

Please let your campaign reviewer know if you’d like to bring pre-arranged investors into your campaign, and they will discuss the mechanics with you.


If your campaign hits its target before it expires, you can keep it open for overfunding. This allows you to raise additional investment up to any level you want and that there’s investor appetite for. These additional investments are made at the same valuation as those made before you hit your target, meaning that you will be giving away more equity in exchange for the additional capital. You may accept all, some or none of the overfunding investments you receive.

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