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Can my business use Seedrs to raise capital?

We welcome submissions from any business operating in any sector, and you are welcome to submit a campaign at any time. Each campaign submitted is reviewed on a case-by-case basis by our investment team, who reference the following criteria to assess viability:

Development – investors will usually want to see a product fully-launched, or ready to launch.

Reach – the beginnings of a community or customer base around your business is imperative, and we’’d expect a chunk of investment to come from them to generate initial momentum and interest in your campaign.

Valuation – investors will want to see a realistic valuation, so this should be a fair and clear representation of where your business is, and not where it might be one day.

By no means is this list exhaustive, nor would fulfilling the criteria guarantee a successful raise on Seedrs, but it’s a useful starting point for any business considering investment. If you’’re not sure if Seedrs is the right route to funding at the moment and have more questions, send over a pitch deck or business plan attached to this form.

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