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Does Seedrs write the campaign page?

All of the information that appears on a campaign is provided by you, the “lead entrepreneur”.

Once you have completed and submitted your campaign, our investment team will review it and notify you whether it is suitable to be hosted on Seedrs. If approved, you will be assigned a dedicated Campaign Success Manager who will support you through the Seedrs process and provide bespoke guidance on how to get the most out of the platform.

You will also be assigned an Investment Associate who will conduct an in-depth review of all of the information provided in your campaign ensuring that any factual statements are fair, clear and not misleading. You will be asked to provide evidence of any factual statements, so make sure you’’ve got evidence to hand prior to submitting your campaign. We won’t re-write your campaign for you but will notify you of required edits and updates.

Together with your Campaign Success Manager, your Investment Associate will help you get your campaign into the best shape possible prior to going live. First it will launch privately, where it can be accessed by your personal network using a unique URL, and then it will be launched publicly to the wider Seedrs community.

Take a look at our Creating a Campaign guide for more in-depth information.

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