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How do I prepare my campaign pitch?

All of the information that appears on your campaign is provided by you, the ‘lead entrepreneur’.

Start by answering our story-building pitch questions, which will prompt you to explain your business, show off your team, lay out the market opportunity and highlight what you plan to do with your investment. You may also wish to create a video to feature within the pitch.
Important elements that you should feature in your campaign include:

Your idea

Bring your business to life and get people feeling as passionate as you do. Succinctly give an intro to what your business does and who you are.

Intended impact

What problems does your business solve? Explain how you came up with the solution.

Substantial accomplishments to date

Shout about your achievements – show how far the business has come! Use key metrics such as numbers, revenue, press and awards to drive home your message.

Monetisation Strategy

How do you plan to generate revenue? This is a big one for investors for obvious reasons.

Use of proceeds

Investors want to know how you’re going to use their cash – how do you plan to grow the business with your new funding?


Give an overview of who your target market is and the characteristics of your target market (what is the current size, distribution, and behaviour of this market) – bear in mind that some investors might not have any prior knowledge of your segment.

Marketing strategy

How are you going to reach your target users or customers? Get describe how you plan to raise awareness of the business and attract new users.

Competition strategy

Who’s your competition and what makes you so much better? Give investors an overview of the competitive landscape so they can really understand what they’re investing into.

Note that you’ll need to provide evidence

Once you’re happy with your pitch, submit it to our team for review. We’ll work with you to make sure that any factual statements are fair, clear and not misleading.

In practice, this means that we may need to adjust some of the language within it and ask for evidence to back up any factual statements. When we sign documents at the end of the campaign, we’ll also ask you to warrant that this information is accurate.

For example, if your pitch state something along the lines of, ‘The market is worth £1B’ or, ‘The market has grown 10% over the last three years’ we’d require a recent third-party source verifying your figures, such as articles/industry white papers/research.

Once your campaign is approved by us, it can go live on the platform.

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