Learn how to invest on Seedrs, discover exciting businesses and build a diverse, growth portfolio with our investor FAQs.

How much money should I invest on Seedrs?

Investing in the equity of early-stage and growth focused businesses carries risks, including the risk of losing all the money you’’ve invested. You should never invest more than you can afford to lose without altering your standard of living.

Each investor’s financial situation is different, but a key part of building an investment portfolio is diversity. You should ensure that the majority of your investments are made in more liquid, safer assets such as bank deposits, bonds and mutual funds. As a rule of thumb, active angel investors tend to invest no more than 5% – 15% of their total investable capital in early-stage businesses, dependant on their risk appetite, and the Financial Conduct Authority requires everyday (restricted) investors to certify that they will invest no more than 10% of their investable capital. If you require investment advice, please contact a professional adviser.

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