Learn how to invest on Seedrs, discover exciting businesses and build a diverse, growth portfolio with our investor FAQs.

What fees does Seedrs charge investors?

Fees are only charged to investors if the businesses they invest in increase in value. We charge a fee of 7.5% on any profit made (i.e. in excess of the capital invested) on investments held by Seedrs as nominee. We do not charge any ongoing administration or management fee for acting as nominee.

If investors transfer or sell their shares, we may also charge a fee as set out in the Investment Agreement in respect of those shares. If the shares are publicly listed, investors will be responsible for paying any fees to third-party brokers. Our current broker fees are set out below:

Chapel Down, FreeAgent & Coinsilium – Canaccord Genuity Wealth Limited: £30 administration charge plus commission of 0.75% on consideration. For sales of consideration over £10,000, there is a £1 PTM levy fee

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