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When can I claim my tax relief?

For tax purposes, investments are deemed to have been made when we complete the investment into the business, after our due diligence process, rather than when you commit funds through Seedrs. The time between you committing to invest in a campaign and us completing the investment in the business will differ from campaign to campaign, and depends on when the entrepreneur closes the campaign for investment and how long due diligence takes – so unfortunately we can’t tell you exactly when you’ll be able to claim tax relief.

Once the investment has been completed, we work with the business to ensure that you receive the certificates you need to claim back any tax reliefs for which you are eligible. It often takes a few months, and sometimes even longer, before these certificates become available from HMRC, and we endeavour to send them to you as soon as possible. As these certificates are the one set of documentation we need to send by post instead of electronically, please ensure your Seedrs profile is up-to-date with your current address. Once you have received the certificate, you are free to claim any relevant relief.

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