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Why can’’t I make an investment?

If you’’re having problems making an investment, it may be that you’’ve not yet confirmed your email address or verified your identity, or because we can’t currently accept investment from residents in your local jurisdiction.

If you don’’t think you’’ve confirmed your email address yet, check your inbox (or spam and junk folders) for an email from Seedrs with the subject “‘Seedrs – Confirm your email’”. That email will include a link to follow which will confirm your email address and allow you to create an investment.

If you’’re unable to pay for your investment, it may be that we’’ve not been able to verify your identity. We are able to automatically verify the identities of most UK residents, although this is not always the case. If we can’t verify your identity automatically we may ask you to provide us with copies of documents, such as:

– Your passport, ID card or driving license which shows your date of birth.

– A bank statement, utility bill or letter from a local/national authority, which shows the address in your Seedrs profile and is dated from within the last three months.

If you’’re not resident in an accepted jurisdiction you won’t be able to invest on Seedrs, unless you have a strong pre-existing connection to a specific business’s campaign.

Please get in touch if you continue to experience problems creating an investment.

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