Bike HUD


Heads-up display for motorcycles - making riding safer and more fun.

United Kingdom

Investment Summary

Funded 29 Jan 2014
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  • Thumb_david_pickering_photo_copy
    David John Pickering
    Business advisor
  • Thumb_d_vout_
    Dave Vout
    Managing Director
  • Thumb_m_funicane_
    Mark Finucane
    Finance Director



Product(s) and/or service(s)

Bike HUD is a heads-­up display (HUD) system that shows motorcycle riders key information such as speed, engine revs and gear selection via a helmet-mounted display.

Bike HUD aims to make riding safer by increasing road awareness. It would reduce the need to look down at instruments and helps ensure correct gear selection for overtaking/pulling away from junctions – in short, it lets motorcyclists concentrate on the road rather than their instruments, making riding safer and more fun.

The system communicates speed, RPM, gear, revs and turn indicators using text, graphics, colour and sound, all without distracting the rider from the traffic conditions and riding environment.

Bike HUD comprises a motorcycle-­mounted computer, handle mounted switchgear and helmet audio­visual display, which we expect can be installed in over 90% of helmets.

Bike HUD has been designed to be portable between helmets – when the helmet is damaged or a new helmet is purchased, Bike HUD could be moved by the user from the old to the new helmet in minutes.

In our experience, the need to check behind in rear-view mirrors and check instrumentation means that motorcyclists may only spend one third of their attention on the road ahead. With Bike HUD there is the potential to significantly increase the time spent focussed on the road.

The computer at the heart of Bike HUD aims to offer a flexible platform for further product development and additional accessories that could be sold as add­-on extras to the core product.

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